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Beauty in Bloom — New Spring 2014 Makeup Releases From Paul & Joe



Inspired by the lush flowers that are just beginning to open their buds, the new Spring 2014 lipstick and nail enamel shades from Paul & Joe feature names like Poppy, Peony, Rosebud, Petunia, Hyacinth, Carnation, and Lily.

Three new lipsticks were introduced as part of the collection, all formulated with moisturizing botanical extracts like jojoba oil, brown rice germ oil, white lily extract, orange flower water, and lavender oil, so that they soothe lips and smooth the often wrinkled and uneven skin along the pout, making the color deposited look all the more uniform and beautiful. The three new lipstick shades are: Poppy (084), a fresh vermillion hue; Peony (085), a sheer fuchsia; and Rosebud (086), a sheer red. Each Paul & Joe Lipstick retails for $20 at B-Glowing.com.

True to the brand’s fashion roots, Paul & Joe has designed lipstick cases that can be mixed and matched so that, when you buy a lipstick bullet, you can place it inside any case you desire, thereby effectively changing its outfit depending on your mood. This season, three new cases were unveiled: 012, a mint green case with diamond-shaped patterns made of teeny blossoms; 013, featuring a multi-colored, ’70s-flavored  pattern with diagonal stripes in contrasting color schemes, with some sections featuring fuchsia-and-white stripes, and others boasting coral-and-black stripes, turquoise-and-pink lines, or brown-and-white stripes; and 014, a peach case with grayish illustrations of horses’ heads for an effect that’s more girly than Godfather. Each Paul & Joe Lipstick Case retails for $7 at B-Glowing.com.

Below, you’ll find a photo of the Paul & Joe  013 Lipstick Case. As you can see, it’s got a really busy, bold, geometric pattern that feels like it could serve as a backdrop for the “Groove Is In The Heart” video:


Inside the case, meanwhile, is the new Peony (085) Lipstick:


Now, this color looks oh-so-vivid in its packaging, so I expected that, when I smoothed it atop my skin, my eyes would feast on a perky neon pink. To my surprise the color proved to be incredibly sheer. Instead of the bright, almost neon pink you see in the packaging, when you swatch this color, you’ll be faced with a sheer fuchsia color that more closely resembles a lip tint than a pigment-rich lipstick. The lipstick glides on the skin so easily, you’d think it was made of oil and, similarly, the feel on lips is delightful. That said, the color payoff is minimal.

If you want a delicate, barely-there color, then you’ll appreciate the timidity of this lipstick, which features a glaze-like finish and is infused with scattered fuchsia and golden pearls for just a hint of iridescence. Check out the swatches below:



Moving on to the nail lacquers, the collection features five new hues: Lily (036), a snowy white with opalescent pink undertones; Petunia (037), a luminous and soft pink; Hyacinth (038), a clear periwinkle blue that feels fresh and feminine; Buttercup (039), a sunny, tangerine-tinged yellow; and Carnation(040), a sheer vermillion red. Each Paul & Joe Nail Enamel is available for $16 at B-Glowing.com

Out of all the five shades, I had the chance to try the Lily (036) enamel and, to my surprise, I wound up adoring the color. Unlike most white lacquers, which can be rather creamy and create a Mod-like effect or which, in contrast, are saturated with glitter in hopes of creating a snowy, icicle-worthy effect, this one goes a different route, creating a gem-worthy look. The semi-sheer color has a nice sheen and, most importantly, it incorporates pink undertones so that, as you apply more and more coats, your nails start to closely resemble translucent white opals.

Check out how the Paul & Joe Lily (036) Nail Enamel looks after three coats:



Pretty, right? I’m quite curious about the Hyacinth nail enamel shade since it, too, seems a bit different from the customary blue shades.

Another plus: because they tend to be pretty sheer, you can mix and match different nail enamels from the collection and create a personalized hue.

My final verdict: Given the sheerness of the lipsticks, I’d pass on those since I tend to prefer a bolder, more statement-making lip or at least a full-coverage nude hue. I would, however, invest in a couple of these nail enamels since they boast innovative undertones and finishes.

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