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Feel Like a Smoldering Seductress with Covergirl’s Bombshell Collection


Who do you imagine when you picture a bombshell? Jessica Rabbit? Betty Boop? Marilyn Monroe? Dita Von Teese? Sofia Vergara? Whatever image your mind conjures up, chances are the foxy lady in your vision exudes sex appeal — but in a way that’s somehow both cheeky and glamorous. To make every woman feel like a corset-donning model at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, Covergirl developed its newest Bombshell collection, which incorporates products meant to intensify eyes, lengthen lashes, and accentuate plump pouts.

The entire collection is currently available at Walmart, and I was fortunate enough to try out most of the products therein (thanks to Walmart’s gracious publicity and marketing team) so that I, too, could entice my inner siren to come out and play. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the various products in the collection, along with swatches and a sample makeup look!

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It’s no secret that I adore Covergirl’s LipPerfection lipsticks — they’re intensely pigmented, have a nice creamy texture and a pretty sheen, and they last a remarkable amount of hours without drying out lips or fading and becoming dull. In fact, they might just be my favorite drugstore lipsticks. Needless to say, I was excited to try out the new Covergirl LipPerfection Lipcolor ($4.94 at Walmart stores and Walmart.com) shades launched as part of this collection: Seduce, Bombshell Explosion, Ravish, and Tantalize. I only managed to get my hands on one shade, Bombshell Explosion, but it’s absolutely killer! The shade is a deep fuchsia — so deep it would make Blondie blush — and it’s a bit rock ‘n’ roll while also being decidedly feminine.

Here’s a swatch of the hue:


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As part of this collection, Covergirl introduced an entire new range of eye makeup products. The Covergirl Bombshell Shineshadow ($6.94 at Walmart stores and Walmart.com) is, at its core, a cream eye shadow packed inside a squeezable tube and infused with reflective pigments so that eyelids will shimmer and shine when the light hits them.

These shadows aren’t quite as dense as most cream shadows, but that’s precisely the intention since they allow you to better customize the opacity you which to achieve. For a subtle, semi-sheer look, you can simply squeeze out a pea-sized amount and that will likely cover both of your eyelids, giving them a halo-like veil of color. The effect, then, is rather subtle initially since the eye shadows aren’t as saturated with pigment as other cream shadows (think  of, for instance, Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Creams) but you can keep adding on layers onto your lids until you attain the desired amount of coverage.

In terms of the application process, you can use a cream shadow brush or simply dab on the product using your fingertips. I actually prefer using my fingers when working with the Shineshadows since I can create a more natural, lived-in effect by pressing on the color rather than painting it on with an almost architectural precision.

As for the longevity, it’s quite solid. I’ve worn the eye shadows for as many as six hours and haven’t had them crease or smudge at all.

That said, the range of colors isn’t particularly broad at the moment — in fact, these are rather muted shades — but hopefully Covergirl will continue introducing new and more adventurous shades in months to come. The six introductory colors are: 300 Ice Queen, a frosty snow white shade with a pearlescent finish; 305 Color Me Money, a pewter shade with greenish undertones and a metallic sheen; 310 Platinum Club, a dark , stormy, mauve-meets-gray color with a steely luster; 315 Gold Goddess, a bright yellow gold tone; 320 Ooh La Lilac, a moody, grayish lavender shade; and 325 Copper Ring, a copper-meets-rosegold shade with a metallic sheen.

Below, you’ll find swatches of Color Me Money, Ice Queen, Ooh La Lilac, and Platinum Club.



Out of these shades, I’m particularly fond of Ooh La Lilac and Ice Queen. Ice Queen is particularly versatile because you can even use it as a highlighter, blending it with your favorite concealer to brighten the area under the eyes or gently dabbing it under brows and along the ridge of the nose, before adding a bit of foundation or tinted moisturizer.

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Since a bombshell should possess powers of seduction, Covergirl gives her the tools with which to achieve come-hither, sultry bedroom eyes via the Bombshell Intensity Eye Liner ($6.94 at Walmart stores and Walmart.com). This pocket-sized liner features a felt tip applicator with a slim, pointy tip so that you can achieve a rather precise application, so that you can glide it on your lids with the same type of confidence with which you’d write on a piece of paper when using a Sharpie marker. The liquid formula yields a darker and more intense color than what you’d get from a kohl pencil and there’s none of the pulling, tugging, and yanking at eyelids that accompany eye liners.

Smudge-proof and long-lasting, the Bombshell Intensity Eye Liner is currently available in two shades: Pitch Black Passion, an oil slick-worthy black; and Chocolate Kiss, a Hershey’s-worthy brown.

Both the  800 Pitch Black Passion and the 805 Chocolate Kiss shades are shown here:


———     ———-     ———-



Last but certainly not least, Covergirl encourages very bombshell to bat those eyelashes and work her magic — but first, the cosmetics brand is kind enough to offer her the tools with which to amplify her powers of coercion, her feminine wiles, via the Covergirl Bombshell Volume by Lashblast Mascara ($8.94 at Walmart stores and Walmart.com). Each double-ended mascara — available in Very Black, Black, Black/Brown and Brown — is designed to increase lash volume, then add a rich coat of color. To use, then, you first have to unscrew the side labeled “1” and , using the wide, bushy brush therein, coat lashes with a basecoat that’s meant to make lashes appear thicker. Once finished, you can then move on to the second step and, using the wand tucked inside the other end of the tube, coat lashes with the richly pigmented mascara.

Now, I must admit that my experiences with this mascara haven’t been completely positive. For one thing, the color is extremely long-lasting — so long-lasting, in fact, that even when you use copious amounts of eye makeup remover at the end of the day, you might find yourself waking up with a bit of mascara debris on your cheeks. This doesn’t necessarily have to be construed as a drawback, but it should be noted that the removal process might be a bit tricky. My main complaint, however, is that the base coat tends to make lashes stick together and create clumps that are nearly impossible to separate. If you curl lashes properly prior to applying the base coat, it will help to lessen the likeliness of those tiny hairs colluding and creating chaos, but it’s still a tricky proposition.

That said, when you apply the mascara without any incident, the results are stunning and you do, in fact, enjoy va-va-va-voom lashes. Just be prepared to practice a few times! 

———     ———-     ———-





As I mentioned before, I almost instantly gravitated to the Ooh La Lilac Shineshadow shade and that’s, of course, what I’m wearing on my eyelids in this photo.To give the eyes a bit of contour, I blended the Platinum Club along the outer corners of eyes ever so subtly. I then lined my top lashline using the  black Bombshell Intensity Eye Liner, adding just a flick at the outer corners of the eyes for a slight cat eye effect. Last, I applied a single coat of the Bombshell Volume Mascara in Very Black to my lashes.

Since the eye look was fairly subtle and muted, I opted to pair it with a strong lip. I applied the Covergirl LipPerfection Lipcolor in Bombshell Explosion to my pout and, as you can see, the high-voltage pink color added a ton of personality to the look.

It’s a fairly subtle look, but I do love how the lids seem to come alive whenever the light hits them. The effect isn’t necessarily obvious in the photos above but, because of its reflective pigments, the ShineShadow creates this amazing prismatic effect when your eyes are basking in the sunlight (or any light, for that matter!). And, of course, that hot pink lip is amazing in every way.

I was going to a brunch when I created this look but had I been heading to an evening event, I would’ve further intensified the eye look by perfectly rimming the eyes with the Bombshell Intensity Eye Liner, even applying it to the waterline.

What do you think of the collection? Have you tried any of the products?

** DISCLOSURE: All cosmetics reviewed herein were purchased on Walmart.com using a Walmart gift card provided for the purpose of this Covergirl post.


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