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Get Fresh With New Güd by Burt’s Bees Natural Cleansing Wipes


Whenever I see a packet of wet towelettes in a drugstore skincare aisle, I tend to assume these moist wipes are meant to cleanse the complexion, remove makeup, gently exfoliate the visage, and so forth. In recent months, however, more skincare brands are releasing towelettes designed for use on the body — to remove any sticky residue on hands, refresh arms and legs after a quick workout, or wipe away sweat from the neck and chest on a particularly hot day. When I saw a packet of wipes from Güd by Burt’s Bees — the natural skincare brand featuring body washes, body lotions, body butters, shampoos, and conditioners in deliciously fruity scents and perky packaging — I should probably have assumed they were meant for use on the body. After all, the brand has yet to release any facial care products. But, because I associate towelettes with facial skincare, it never occurred to me that they might be designed for use elsewhere. It didn’t help my confusion that the Güd by Burt’s Bees Cleansing Wipes ($3 each at Target stores, Target.com, and GudHappens.com) were simply labeled “cleansing wipes.” At least Pacifica labels its towelette pouches “Hand & Body Lotion Wipes.”

Needless to say, when I first started testing out the Güd by Burt’s Bees Cleansing Wipes, I was using smoothing them onto my face — especially when trying to remove makeup. I was disappointed, then, when the towelettes didn’t thoroughly remove my makeup or leave my skin feeling squeaky clean. But gosh did they smell great!

Once I realized that these wipes were meant for the body — major “D’oh!” moment — I had to reconsider my stance. See, while they may not be great at removing makeup or really stubborn oil and debris, these towelettes do constitute a convenient way to freshen up while on the go.

The Güd by Burt’s Bees Natural Cleansing Wipes are formulated with no parabens, phtalates or petroleums, and they’re infused with soothing, cooling, skin softening botanical extracts like aloe juice, cucumber extract, soybean oil, glycerin, and camellia sinensis leaf extract.

Each packet features 10 wipes in one of Güd’s most popular fragrance families: Red Ruby Groovy, a mouth-watering grapefruit scent with just a hint of thyme; Orange Petalooza, a zesty blood orange aroma with just a hint of delicate hyacinth; and Pearanormal Activity, a succulent pear and açai scent.

Now that spring is upon us, these wipes will come in extra handy since it’s easy to tuck a packet in your purse or weekender bag and reach for it when you need to feel and smell fresher. I do wish, however, that each packet contained more than 10 towelettes and, for that matter, that they were a bit more saturated with moisture since they can sometimes feel a bit too dry. That said, each wipe smells extraordinary and the zesty scents do invigorate the senses. Just make sure not to smooth them on your face!


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