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Virgins, Saints & Angels Trunk Show At Bergdorf Goodman Kicks Off Tomorrow!






If you live in the New York City area, stop by Bergdorf Goodman (on Fifth Avenue at 58th Street) between tomorrow, March 20th, and Sunday, March 23rd, and scoot down to the beauty level so you can feast your eyes on some gorgeous hair accessories from Virgins, Saints & Angels. Those of you who are long-time readers know of my obsession with VSA Designs, which was launched by Cheryl “Finn” Finnegan after she moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and became enamored with Mexican art, folklore, architecture, and the abundance of religious iconography in her new colonial home — especially the Virgin of Guadalupe. Many of the line’s initial collections, then, involved depictions of different Catholic virgins, necklaces inspired by rosaries and prayer beads, cross motifs, and references to saints like San Benito and Saint Therese of Lisieux. As the brand gained new fans and evolved over time, this religious iconography was fused with other stylistic elements that often celebrated the strength of women all over the world. Some collections, for instance, centered on the concept of vaqueras (cowgirls); others featured imagery of female goddesses like Isis, Nefertiti, or Shakti; and others still were influenced by the heroines and villains in age-old fairytales. And, every time, the brand retained its slightly gothic, enigmatic, intricate design elements.

Last year, Virgins, Saints, and Angels unveiled a beguiling collection inspired by ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” series — particularly by Snow White and the Evil Queen, the main characters. Crowns, fire-breathing dragons, fleur de lis symbols, mirrors, hearts, and Black Widow spider motifs all referenced the fairytale’s main story line: the Evil Queen’s never-ending vanity, her power-hungry ploys, her attempts to kill Snow White (first via a huntsman and later by feeding her a poisoned apple), and the eventual triumph of love and light above all. This collection also marked one of the first times when VSA Designs unveiled hair accessories as part of its array of offerings. The Evil Dragon Crown (shown last above) was even sported by actress Lana Parilla (who plays the Evil Queen) in the ABC series.

Since then, VSA Designs has continued making our tresses beautiful with lavish hair combs, barrettes, pins, and crowns. If you visit Bergdorf Goodman within the next few days, then, you’ll get to see the hair pieces inspired by “Once Upon A Time” and, for that matter, those inspired by the Oscar-winning animated film Frozen. The hair accessories inspired by Frozen — three of which are pictured above at top — include many silver elements and shimmering crystals, some clear and radiant and other smokier and more stormy, that work together to conjure up images of icy kingdoms and snowy expanses.

Can’t make it to Bergdorf Goodman? Not in the NYC area? Well, you can still join in on some major fun by entering VSA Designs’ amazing new giveaway in hopes of winning a Frozen Palace Tiara.

To enter on Facebook, simply “like” VSA Designs (http://www.facebook.com/vsa.designs), then like the cover photo and share it on your own page.

To enter on Instagram, follow VSA_Designs, regram any photos of the brand’s crowns, and make sure to include the hashtag #vsabg,

To enter on Twitter, follow @VSA_Designs and tweet them using the hashtag #vsabg.

The winner will be contacted on March 27th. Good luck!



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