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Zoya’s Spring 2014 “Magical Pixie” PixieDust Collection Will Leave You Spellbound

zoya-magical-pixiedust-collection-spring-2014The sparkle-loving fairies at Zoya have done it again, fluttering their wings and granting wishes to all those yearning for beautiful, mystical, bewitching nails. This time, they’ve done so by fine-tuning their already remarkable PixieDust formula and unveiling a new holographic version aptly dubbed Magical PixieDust.

In keeping with the original PixieDust formula, the three lacquers in the Magical Pixie collection boast a gravelly texture, as if tiny bits of sand had been encrusted onto the surface of your fingernails.  The Magical Pixie formula, then, creates a similar tactical experience, so that nails feel sandpaper-y when dry — not that this is a drawback since, after all, no woman spends hours on end massaging her fingernails! And, like its predecessor, each Magical PixieDust nail lacquer has a matte base that’s infused with just the tiniest bit of glitter. But what makes this version so unique is that it’s infused with larger flecks of glitter and chunkier sequins that yield a holographic effect.

The application process remains unchanged: no base coat is necessary, nor should a top coat be applied. But the textural and visual effect is rather unique. The holographic particles make every shade feel like a cosmic wonder, much akin to how stars seem to twinkle because of the way in which their light is refracted as it passes through layers of the Earth’s atmosphere and reaches an observer’s eye. On a textural front, the experience is also slightly different since the heftier glitter and the holographic sequins yield an even more asperous feel.

Below, you’ll find swatches of all three Magical PixieDust shades — Vega, Lux, and Cosmo — each available for $10 at Zoya.com. See if they leave you believing in magic!






The Magical PixieDust in Vega feels like an ode to one of Claude Monet’s impressionist paintings, but with a mystical twist. The lacquer is described as a raw blue opal shade, a pretty accurate description given the lightness of the color and the lovely teal tonality. The formula contains Mega Hex Iridescent Particles, hexagonal sequins that yield a captivating iridescence. The lacquer reminds me of a mermaid’s tail — think of the movie Aquamarine — which instantly transports me to a wondrous make-believe land.





A raw rose quartz shade, the Zoya Magical PixieDust lacquer in Lux again incorporates hexagonal sequins that offer an iridescent finish. The cool-toned lavender pink shade reminds me of Jem’s hair when it used to sparkle and shimmer in the old-school cartoons.It’s undeniably girly, reminiscent of Sleeping Beauty’s princess dress, bubblegum-flavored rock candy, and pink sugar crystals atop heart-shaped cookies.





The Zoya Magical PixieDust nail lacquer in Cosmo completes the holographic trifecta. The most futuristic of the three polishes, Cosmo has a light silver tonality and is saturated with crystal sparkle and iridescent sequins that look green from some angles and orange from others for an effect reminiscent to that yielded by white fire opals. Though the color isn’t as unique as Vega or Lux, this is arguably the most sci fi-esque of the three shades. You practically expect a laser beam to shoot out from one of your fingernails and produce a hologram!

Which shade is your favorite?




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