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Already Filled Those Easter Baskets? Time To Work On Your Shower Caddies!



Happy Easter everyone! Whether you spent the day having brunch with your family, watching the kids scarf down candy left behind by the Easter bunny, or  participating in a massive Easter egg scavenger hunt all around the neighborhood, hopefully your day has been filled with nothing but smiles and laughter (and some yummy candy, of course!). But while only a few hours of Easter remain, it’s not too late for adults to do some happy hunting of their very own, searching for the cutest additions to our own baskets — or, rather, our own bath caddies!

Vegan bath and body brand LUSH always does a fantastic job of creating adorable bar soaps, fizzy bath bombs, massage bars, and bath melts for every significant occasion — whether it’s Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. For Easter 2014, LUSH introduced several great new products.

Chief among them was the Golden Egg ($8.95 each at LUSH stores), a Bath Bomb and Luxury Bath Melt hybrid. The entire egg is coated in Etruscan gold glitter, as if it had been laid by the golden goose of fairy tale fame. Beneath the glitter, there are layers of moisturizing cocoa butter that melt when the Golden Egg is massaged on damp skin or rubbed in between palms and fingers. Eventually, the cocoa butter exterior leads to a fizzy Bath Bomb center which, as usual, dissolves rapidly in the water.

Scented with the honeyed toffee fragrance of the LUSH Honey I Washed The Kids Soap, the Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt lacks the wow factor of a traditional bath bomb since, if you drop it into a tub filled with hot water, it won’t dissolve instantly. Instead, you need to really put in some work to get to that Bath Bomb center. I found myself running the Golden Egg under water and working it in between my damp fingertips, massaging my skin with the now misshapen egg, thereby hydrating and soothing it, and slowly but surely working my way to the center. Once there, I could simply dunk the rest into the water and watch in amazement as the water turned an orange color and all traces of the egg disappeared.

In terms of the aromatic experience, initially the Golden Egg smells very sweet but, once the Bath Bomb dissolves, the scent transforms and takes on more of a citrus quality (perhaps the result of the sweet wild orange oil and bergamot oil in the formula).

Clearly, this isn’t a product you sue to remove dirt and impurities but, rather, to treat yourself to a lovely and indulgent soak. To that end, the Golden Egg contains fair trade cocoa butter and olive oil, both of which hydrate, soften, and protect the skin.

As for the glitter, do expect to emerge from your bath looking like you went through a kindergartener’s art supply kit. For some, this will be part of the draw but, for me, it meant taking a shower after my bath to remove the glitter. I’m still sweeping up glitter bits left behind by Christmas ornaments so, needless to say, I’m not the biggest advocate of incorporating glitter into bath and beauty products. Still, I realize many love the idea of being dipped in a bit of sparkle so I acknowledge that it might be quite an alluring feature for some.

My favorite new offering for Easter 2014 is the Bunny Bubble Bar ($5.95 at LUSH stores), which is shaped like an adorable rabbit, with elongated ears sculpted into it, pearlescent teal blue eyes, golden tail, and a pink belly along the bottom. This adorable white creature smells like creamy vanilla mixed with bubblegum and, when dipped in the tub, it dissolves to create tons of lovely suds. As the bar disintegrates, it eventually reveals a surprise in the center: blue cornflower petals that float around you as you soak in the tub.

Unlike other LUSH bubble bars that can be used two to three times, the Bunny Bubble Bar can really only be used once, but that’s all you’ll need. Between the shape of the bubble bar, the frothy suds, the sweet aroma, and the piñata-like surprise at the center, a dip in the tub with the Bunny Bubble Bar will appeal to the kid inside of you. Just be forewarned that the adult part of you will be a bit irked by the subsequent flower petal clean-up. But, hey, all parties leave a bit of a mess behind — even ones that take place inside the tub!

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