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Enchanted Forest — Jon Forster Reveals New Line of Rings Inspired By Woodland Creatures


In recent seasons, you might have seen more and more rings sculpted to resemble the heads of different creatures within the animal kingdom. Sure, artisans and jewelers have drawn inspiration from nature for ages but, traditionally, animal references were primarily made via etchings and carvings rather than three-dimensional renditions — with the exception, of course, of creatures like butterflies, tiny birds, and serpents, whose shapes were mimicked by many. In recent years, however, more designers have been showing an interest in oft-ignored creatures like wolves, squirrels, foxes, and rabbits. Enter Jon Forster, a Brighton, U.K.-based jewelry designer, goldsmith, and wax sculptor.

Forster’s new collection of rings draws inspiration from the woodland creatures often referenced in children’s fairy tales, books, and fables — think of Aesop’s “The Tortoise and the Hare,” Charles Perrault’s “Little Red Riding Hood,” Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin, and the Brothers Grimm’s “The Wedding of Mrs. Fox,” to name but a few. Each ring is hand crafted and expertly sculpted to accurately resemble the head of the creature that inspired it, with a remarkable attention to detail manifested via everything from the use of curved lines and concave nooks (meant to create a believable three-dimensional rendition) to the gradation in color (which creates a sense of light and shadow) to the intricate etchings that infuse each piece with a textural quality.

The new collection includes five woodland creatures: the Red Squirrel, Fox, Badger, Otter, and Hare. Four pieces retail for  £299, with the Hare ring retailing for £405.

I personally love how Forster managed to make these creatures appear realistic while also maintaining an element of fantasy reminiscent of the Gustav Sus, Heinrich Leutemann, and Viktor Paul Mohn illustrations that accompanied the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales in their original 19th century form.

All pieces are custom made by order only. To place an order, e-mail jonfourstar@yahoo.co.uk or call 077-6651-7635.


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