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Melt Into Me — L’Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Color Vibrancy Instant Shock Treatment Melting Mask


Those of us with color-treated hair try tirelessly to achieve the desired hue, replicate it every 6-8 weeks, maintain our hair’s overall health even when using somewhat harsh chemicals and, in between touch-ups, ensure that our color maintains its depth and vividness.  It’s exhausting just thinking about it! Oftentimes, preventing your color from becoming dull and lifeless can prove to be the most difficult feat, which is why so many brands have developed haircare lines catering specifically to colored hair — among them, the L’Oréal Paris Color Vibrancy Advanced Haircare collection.Thought the collection includes the L’Oréal Paris Color Vibrancy Shampoo and conditioner, along with the Color Vibrancy Root to Tip Fixer, the real standout offering is the Color Vibrancy Instant Shock Treatment ($6.99 at drug, food, and mass market retailers).

Unlike most hair masks, which are meant for use weekly, this one is designed for daily use. But don’t worry: you won’t be asked to wet your hair, apply a thick hair mask, tuck your strands inside  conditioning cap and sit under a hair dryer for 20-30 minutes while the mask works its magic. Part of what makes this mask so convenient is that it only takes 60 seconds to take effect. That’s less than the time you spend brushing your teeth in the morning!

Here’s another interesting detail about this product: it’s billed as a melting mask which sounds like a marketing gimmick yet is, in fact, a rather accurate description.See, as you work the mask into strands, it seems to literally melt into them so that, rather than having a layer of product coating strands, the mask seems to become one with hair fibers, to become a part of their molecular makeup. The texture and consistency, then, is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

The main ingredient in the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Color Vibrancy Instant Shock Treatment is linseed oil (otherwise known as flaxseed oil), which is rife with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids — particularly alpha-linoleic acid and linoleic acid. Because of its constitution, then, linoleic acid is believed to stimulate hair growth, prevent strands from fraying and splitting, soothe the scalp, nourish strands, and leave hair shinier and softer.

I’ve really been enjoying using this mask. First of all, it smells so delicious that even if it did absolutely nothing, I’d probably still use it — just so I could experience that fruity fragrance! But fortunately, it does give strands a bit of a pick-me-up, hydrating and softening them. Does it really make hair color appear way more vibrant? Well, no. It does boost shine, however, which helps to keep strands from looking too dull.

That said, don’t expect some long-term results if all you’re using is this melting mask. After all, it’s not formulated to restore keratin to strands or anything of the sort. Think of this as a refresher, a nice pick-me-up, to complement your haircare routine which should, in turn, incorporate antioxidants that prevent color from fading, fatty acid-rich oils that nourish hair, and so forth.

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