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New Kate Moss For Topshop Collection — More Boho Than Before











It’s hard to think of any fashion model who has had as profound an impact on pop culture and the fashion industry at large — at least in regards to her own personal style — as Kate Moss. Sure, Twiggy was the poster child of the Mod movement and, as such, her name was synonymous with shift dresses, mini skirts, pixie cuts, and knee-high boots with chunky heels throughout a period of time. And Bianca Jagger managed to exude glamour while also epitomizing disco-era flash and Studio 54-worthy pomp in her crisp pantsuits, deep V-neck dresses, and elegant turbans and veiled hats. But Kate Moss has been our radar since she was a fresh-faced teen posing in controversial Calvin Klein commercials and has, over a 30-year-period of time, developed a fashion sense all her own. Fusing together tough, streetwise elements like  leather pants, skinny jeans, and motorcycle jackets with Bohemian elements ranging from peasant blouses to gypsy-esque shawls and jackets and bags with fringed details, Moss created  signature style that felt authentic and fresh and which, most importantly, was constantly but organically evolving. Unlike so many celebrities, what we see Kate Moss wear is not the result of some high-paid stylist’s magic tricks (as is often the case with, say, Rihanna), nor is it a look thrown together by piecing together bits of swag gifted by eager press agencies hoping to get their clients some ink (as is the case with the candid photos we often see of Halle Berry, for instance). Kate Moss’ unwavering cool factor has made her a phenom both in the fashion industry and in pop culture as a whole. Heck, the early success of London-based fashion retailer  Topshop could arguably be attributed to its affiliation with Moss, a loyal customer — and, moreover, to her  2007 collection for the brand, which sold out almost as soon as the store’s doors opened. 

Now, seven years later, a new Kate Moss for Topshop collection has been unveiled — one with a heavier focus on Moss as a Boho rocker style icon. To that end, the new collection incorporates plenty of folkloric silhouettes and gypsy-worthy design details: V-necked smocked blouses with lace-up closures, tassel accents, paisley prints, raw-edged blouses that seem to float ethereally, jackets and vests with cascading fringe, and plenty of embroidered motifs. These Bohemian details are, of course, married with more hard-edged elements like leather fabrics and tarnished hardware, balanced with feminine details like soft pleats and Grecian-inspired draping, or paired with flashy sequins and glitter for a rockstar-worthy effect.

Overall, the new Kate Moss for Topshop collection has some really strong pieces. I’m personally obsessed with the Kate Moss for Topshop Fringed Leather Jacket ($380 at US.Topshop.com), shown above at top, a 100% leather coat in a deep navy blue shade with a minimalist collar and raw edged fringing embellishing the hemline and sleeves. If Joan Jett and Janis Joplin had a leather jacket baby, this is what I imagine it would look like. And, since I’m a fringe fanatic, it’s no surprise that I also dig the Kate Moss for Topshop Leather Weave Gilet ($500 at US.Topshop.com), pictured fourth from last above, an open vest with strong, warrior-like shoulders, rounded plackets, and fringe cascading from the hemline. What makes this piece so special is the way the leather strips were interwoven and then infused with life and a daring rock ‘n’ roll attitude via contrasting red leather strips detailing the curvature along the shoulders and creating a grid-like effect along the sides of the vest and the back panel.

I’m similarly lovestruck with the Kate Moss for Topshop Paisley Print Wide Leg Pants ($110 at US.Topshop.com), shown second above, which includes an all-over paisley print. Paisleys can be difficult to pull off since many color combinations feel like they were inspired by 1970s upholstered furniture, but this one manages to feel retro, not dated — and there is a marked difference between the two sentiments. One of my favorite pieces is the Kate Moss for Topshop Draped Paisley Tie Blouse ($150 at US.Topshop.com), which has an ethereal quality to it that captures the free-spirited energy of Bohemianism. Shown third above, this lightweight, semi-sheer chiffon blouse comes in a seafoam green shade and features an all-over paisley print in shades of mauve, pink, taupe, and gold. Featuring a plunging, open V-shaped neckline that extends all the way down to the waist, the blouse is meant to be layered atop basics to create a romantic effect. A tie front fastening, fluttering sleeves, and a draped hem line adorned with beaded trimmings complete the fluid effect.

Other pieces, meanwhile, are a bit more on the nose in terms of their Bohemian inspiration. Take, for instance, the Kate Moss for Topshop Embroidered Smock Blouse ($120 at US.Topshop.com), shown fourth above. The black cotton blend smock blouse features a V-shaped neckline with cords that overlap, creating a crisscross effect, each end punctuated by a tassel accent. Similarly, the Kate Moss for Topshop Tassel Print Blouse ($150 at US.Topshop.com), pictured third from last above, features a rather similar silhouette — from the long sleeves to the lace-up tie front — but this one bears a tribal-inspired print with plenty of diamond shapes and feather silhouettes. In keeping with the print’s feather motif, the chiffon material is spliced along the hemline so as to create a fringed effect, but each strip of fabric bears a wispy, feather-like shape. Both of these peasant-style blouses are infinitely wearable but whether or not they wind up looking costume-y depends on how they’re styled. Worn with panache, they’ll look like a Woodstock-goes-W wonder. Worn carelessly, they’ll look like a failed attempt at a Pocahontas-inspired costume.

For a more folkloric take on the Bohemian silhouette, one that more closely nods to Native American fashion, check out the Kate Moss for Topshop Aztec Print Sundress ($120 at US.Topshop.com), pictured next to last above, which features a trapeze silhouette and a rounded neckline. The latter features an elaborate print in emerald green, gold, purple, and terracotta red that prioritizes tribal motifs like triangles, diamonds, chevron-like lines, suns, and so forth.

If you’re looking for a more coquettish and prim take on a Bohemian look, check out the Kate Moss for Topshop Paisley Print Sundress ($150 at US.Topshop.com), pictured fifth above, a pale lilac frock with pintuck details all along the bodice and a muted print that extends from the waist to the skirt’s hemline.

Those who want to steer away from the Bohemian theme altogether can still find a few pieces within this collection — among them the saucy Kate Moss for Topshop Embroidered Heart Print Playsuit ($150 at US.Topshop.com), a summer-ready romper with an all over gold heart print and a self-tie belt; and the Ring Detail Mesh Vest ($290 at US.Topshop.com), shown last above, a see-through, JLo-esque mesh vest embellished with tarnished metal rings and silver sequins.

 Sure, some of the garments in the collection run the risk of feeling costume-y but, when styled in a modern manner, they can breathe new life into a spring and summer wardrobe.

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