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New Ultra-Nourishing MAC Mineralize Rich Lipsticks







Like most makeup aficionados, I have a soft spot for MAC Cosmetics but, that said, I’ve never been a huge fan of their Mineralize Lipsticks — if only because they were never, in my experience, particularly long-lasting. But, to be fair, MAC has never claimed that these lip colors last for hours on end; instead, they’ve touted their skin-nourishing properties. And, on that front, the new MAC Mineralize Rich Lipsticks ($22 each at MACcosmetics.com) certainly improve upon the foundation established by its predecessors.

The new MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick formula incorporates a 77-Mineral Moist Complex meant to nourish lips and keep them smooth and soft. Though MAC hasn’t provided many details about this 77-Mineral Moist Complex, a quick look at the ingredient list reveals such hydrating and conditioning botanical extracts as: soybean seed extract, a natural emollient that strengthens the skin’s natural barrier and locks in moisture; murumuru seed butter, which is rich in oleic and linoleic acids as well as vitamin A, softening the skin and stimulating collagen production; yeast extract, which stimulate the Langerhans cells, skin repair cells right beneath the skin’s surface that become sluggish as we age; coffee seed extract, which tightens the skin and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; barley extract, which has antioxidant properties; and Mimosa Tenuiflora extract, derived from a perennial shrub native to Brazil and featuring tannins, lipids and phytosterols that can rejuvenate the skin.

The MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick, then, features a lightweight formula that’s remarkably hydrating and should feel incredibly soothing to women in arid climates or those grappling with really dry, flaky, or cracked lips. Each shade delivers a medium amount of coverage, so that it’s not stellar in terms of the color payoff but it’s also far from sheer. And, if you love a shiny pout, then you’ll appreciate the lustrous finish of each lipstick hue.

The packaging is also a vast improvement: rather than those thin cylindrical tubes used for the previous Mineralize Lipsticks, these are packaged in wider tubes and the lipstick bullets themselves are larger so that you can cover more surface area in a single pass. Thanks to a magnetic closure, meanwhile, the cap snaps shut easily and won’t fall off when carrying the lipstick tube inside your purse or pocket.

That said, the Mineralize Rich Lipsticks wear off incredibly fast. Within 20 minutes, I found myself reapplying the color. For me, that’s a deal breaker, but I can imagine that, if you live in a really dry climate, the nourishing properties could be enough to draw consumers i.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that anyone with a gluten allergy should probably steer clear of these as they contain yeast and barley extracts.

If you want to give these a whirl, then pick between one of the six shades available (or get them all!). The current hues available are: Good Taste, a bright fuchsia pink; Be A Lady, a mid-tone coral; Be Fabulous, a washed-out pastel pink; Pure Pout, a cool-toned beige shade with a slightly dirty, earthy tint; So Good, a deep magenta; and Bold Spring, a deep blue-toned pink.

I tried out two of the bolder colors: So Good and Bold Spring. In its tube, So Good looks almost reddish but, when swatched, it is, indeed, a magenta pink reminiscent of a hibiscus flower. The color intensity is pretty deep, but it’s not fully opaque, as you’ll see in the photos below. Bold Spring, meanwhile, has a bubblegum quality to it that’s fun and playful, but the shade is deeper than the traditional Bubblicious pink — in fact, it reminds me of the hair color Lily Allen rocked back in 2008.

Check out swatches of the two lipstick shades below:




Below, meanwhile, you’ll find a shot of me wearing the Bold Spring lipstick shade. As you’ll see the color is pretty but not necessarily unique or remarkable. And though it has a nice glistening finish, it doesn’t make up for the lack of intensity. When wearing a lipstick color this adventurous, I expect the effect to be striking and, well, this falls a bit short of that expectation.



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