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Nutty Over the Dove Purely Pampering Pistachio Cream with Magnolia Nourishing Body Wash


Several weeks ago, I received a lovely gift basket from Dove’s publicity team filled with goodies with which to celebrate the first day of Spring. Among the treats were samples of the newest additions to the Dove Purely Pampering collection, the Pistachio Cream with Magnolia Body Wash and Beauty Bar, and, in keeping with the theme, a box of scrumptuous, pistachio-flavored macarons from the French pâtisserie Ladurée. After scarfing down the box of macarons (hey, first things first!), I opened the Dove Purely Pampering Pistachio Cream with Magnolia Body Wash ($6.49 at food, drug, and mass market retailers) and inhaled, enjoying the sweet yet creamy aroma.

Now, after trying the Dove Purely Pampering Pistachio Cream with Magnolia Body Wash for several weeks, I can  say with absolute conviction that it’s the yummiest fragrance in the Purely Pampering family and, moreover, the most creative and enjoyable scent of any Dove body wash to date. The scent is incredibly reminiscent of pistachio macaron since there’s a nutty sweetness to it, but there’s also a milky quality to the scent that could well be the result of that magnolia flower note (after all, unlike so many other blossoms, magnolias are known to have a creamy and sweet scent  with just hint of a citrus-y, lemon-like quality).

The magnolia note, then, shouldn’t dissuade anyone from using the fragrance. In fact, my husband and son — both incredibly persnickety about anything they consider overly “girly” — have been using the body wash and they both enjoy it.  I tried my darnedest to hide the body wash within the corner shower shelf system so they’d reach for another body wash and leave the good stuff for me but clearly my completely juvenile and haphazardly conceived plan failed miserably! But I digress. The point is that the predominant fragrance notes are fresh, creamy, and sweet, with the most tender and light floral note lingering underneath this milkier and muskier aromatic cape. I’ve always loved pistachio ice cream, and this scent definitely reminds me of that. The sensory experience, then, is relaxing and soothing, making this mother’s milk for those seeking some at-home pampering (and, really, who isn’t?).

As for the body wash’s hydrating properties, the formula relies on mild cleansing agents that won’t strip the skin of any essential oils and therefore make it suitable for all skin types (including those with dry and sensitive skin like myself). The formula also contains Dove’s NutriumMoisture technology, which incorporates different oils and ingredients that replenish the lipids lost during the cleansing process, thereby restoring the outermost layer of the skin. What makes the technology so groundbreaking is that the ingredients chosen manage to penetrate the epidermis rather than simply coat it, thereby allowing for deeper and long-lasting hydration. Among the ingredients listed on the body wash’s bottle, you’ll find soybean oil, which has a small molecular structure that enables it ti penetrate the outermost layer of skin and which is rich in vitamin E, which protects the skin from UV rays and promotes healing; fatty acids that promote collagen production and keep the skin supple and smooth; and lecithin, which helps the skin retain its elastin content. Other ingredients include glycerin, a well-known humectant, and stearic acid, a fatty acid often found in cocoa and shea butter and which is often used as an emulsifier and conditioner, as well as to replenish and restore the barrier function in skin and hair so as to prevent moisture or lipid loss. In this case, these ingredients work in unison to restore the barrier function of the stratum corneum, skin’s outermost layer, thereby keeping skin hydrated, smooth, and supple.

I’m a body wash girl through and through, but if you prefer cleansers in a traditional bar form, Dove also introduced the Purely Pampering Pistachio Cream with Magnolia Beauty Bar ($3.79 for a 2-pack), which contains 1/4 moisturizers to replenish the skin during the cleansing process.





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