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Shoe Looks Good! Check Out The BC Footwear x Della Collection


Two years ago, I wrote about a then little-known socially responsible fashion brand named Della launched by Los Angeles native Tina Tangalakis in September 2009, after a serendipitous trip to do volunteer work in the Hohoe village in Ghana. From its inception, Della has specialized in goods made of textiles handcrafted by female artisans in Ghana. At first, the brand focused on slouchy hobo bags and zip-top clutches, expanding to laptop cases and headbands, and eventually foraying into clothing and footwear. In less than 24 months, Della has expanded dramatically, collaborating with Urban Outfitters on a limited edition clothing collection, with Vans on a range of slip-ons and skate sneakers, and now with BC Footwear on a well-edited collection of summery shoes.

The BC Footwear x Della capsule collection incorporates three footwear styles — one a pointy-toed flat, another a thing sandal, and the last a playful wedge sandal — made using fabrics handcrafted in Ghana. Making these textiles involves using a manual wax-resist dyeing technique whereby molten wax is applied onto fabric panels using sponge-like stamps with intricate patterns etched onto their surfaces. These wax-covered cloths are then dyed in large tubs until the desired print is achieved, boiled in order to remove all traces of wax on the cloth, and laid out to dry. In the case of the Della x Vans collection, few adjustments needed to be made to these batik fabrics since, after, all the sneaker brand is known for its laid-back canvas kicks. In the case of the BC Footwear x Della collection, however, the fabrics were mainly wrapped around sturdier manmade materials (faux leather and wedge heels, for instance) in order to attain the desired silhouettes.

Each of the three footwear styles is available in three color ways: purple, red, and green. Below, you’ll find photos of each style in its three colorways.

First, there’s my absolute favorite style in the collection: the BC Footwear x Della “I Got It” wedge sandals ($70 at BCfootwear.com). These vegan wedge sandals feature a fabric-covered 4″ wedge heel and 1.5″ platform. The wedges feature a T-bar construction but with two thin horizontal straps above the open toe, a single along the front of the ankle and four curved straps staggered atop each other along the heel counter, with only a slither of space between each arched strip.

In terms of the prints, each design is slightly different — the acid green print features what resembles an abstract floral print against a purplish brown backdrop, each bloom featuring four petals and triangular shapes esconsed between these petals; the purple print features vertical rows of dark plum diamonds in between strips of lighter lilac color with pronged edges; and the red print looks like cinder blocks stacked atop each other, some a scarlet red shade and others a lighter washed-out terracota hue.




Since summer is quickly approaching, I’d also consider buying the BC Footwear x Della “Would If I Could” sandals ($45 at BCfootwear.com), which feature a traditional thong sandal construction, that central vertical strip resembling an upside-down triangle, its base wrapped around the ankle strap and secured with a round metal stud. An adjustable strap hugs the ankle and is secured at the side with a silver-toned metal buckle. On either side of each sandal, you’ll see a strap extending  from the front and center of the main ankle strap, angling down to the ankle joint, where it’s fastened to the wide curved band along the heel counter. This wide band, meanwhile, keeps the base of the heel open so that feet get plenty of ventilation.

Below, check out the sandal in the three available colors:




Last but not least, the collection includes the BC Footwear x Della “Up All Night” flats ($60 at BCfootwear.com). This plucky flat features a low V-shaped vamp, open sides, and a heel counter with curved edges. The rounded edges along the front and the curved form of the heel counter perfectly balance the angular nature of the pointy toe and the V-shaped indentation at the vamp.

Check out the three colorways below:




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