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Caress Fresh Collection Body Washes — The Way To A “Clean” Slate?


Though most of us love the sunny days of summer — and the promises of fun outings, pedicured toes, and adorable outfits they bring —  we’re also well aware that the rising temperatures will mean finding ways to feel and smell fresh even on the most unbearably balmy, humid, sticky, and sweaty of days. The new Caress Fresh Collection Body Washes, which hit stores in late March, aim to deliver crisp, invigorating, zesty aromas that will make women leave the shower feeling ready to take on the world. Each body wash fragrance, then, incorporates floral notes and sparkling fruity notes yet retains a certain aqueous quality that accentuates its underlying freshness.

Developed by the experts at the Givaudan and Firmenich fragrance houses, the three Caress Fresh body wash scents unveiled are: Emerald Rush, which features a gentle gardenia note mixed with a clean white tea note; Juicy Escape,  scented with pink grapefruit notes and a sun-kissed lily aroma; and Aqua Sparkle, featuring lilac blossoms surrounded by citrus notes soaked in a marine cloak. Available for $4.49 at food, drug, and mass retailers nationwide, each Caress Fresh body wash features a gel-like consistency as opposed to a creamy or milky texture, thereby accentuating the sensation of freshness, transparency, and weightlessness.

All the scents do, in fact, have an underlying freshness to them, but only Juicy Escape feels particularly perky and joyful thanks to its citrus aroma. I expected to adore the Emerald Rush Body Wash since I’m so  fond of gardenia blossoms, but the exotic flower is almost imperceptible within the aromatic composition. Still, its aroma is not unpleasant (though I wouldn’t describe it as succulent or mouth watering either).

That said, the body washes won’t hydrate or nourish the skin since they contain no moisturizing botanical extracts beyond a hint of glycerin — no shea butter, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, rosemary leaf extract, or even aloe juice.  If you have dry skin, then, these body washes might leave your skin feeling a bit itchy or parched. Sure, you can and should moisturize after showering, but do keep in mind that cleansing the skin can weaken its own moisture-locking barrier.

Also, these body washes are scented using synthetic fragrances, so that their scents are not the result of natural fruit and flower extracts. These synthetic perfumes, along with the artificial dyes used to give the body washes their respective hues, might prove irritating for those with sensitive skin.

The scents won’t linger on the skin for too long so, while you’ll enjoy a fresh feeling during your shower and throughout a brief half hour period thereafter, these aromas won’t impede you from spritzing on your favorite perfume.

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