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Flight of Fancy — These Mad Libs-Inspired Travel Accessories Will Make Any Traveler Smile






I’ve always been a sucker for Mad Libs — mainly because it’s designed to promote tomfoolery and get people laughing. If, like me, you share a fondness for the game (or maybe, even, a nostalgic appreciation for one of the most popular ’80s pastimes), then you’ll appreciate these new travel accessories from Flight 001, featuring punchy colors and Mad Libs-inspired graphics pertaining to various travel scenarios.

The F1 Flight Lib Passport Holder ($18 at Flight001.com) is available in four colors, each with its own Mad Libs-themed graphic. The fern green passport holder, for instance, features an “I left my heart in ____” graphic formulated in the traditional Mad Libs style so that there’s a blank designated for the noun and city in the phrase — in other words, it would read “I left my ______ in _____,” but the word  “heart” appears jotted atop the noun line, as if scribbled in marker, leaving only the city slot blank. For whatever reason, this design makes me think of A Tribe Called Quest’s classic “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo,” hence making it my favorite out of the four. The orange passport holder, meanwhile, featured another quirky graphic that reads “I’d rather be eating a _____ in ____,” with the first slot designated for a noun and the second for a city. Clearly, there’s a wealth of words that could be used to complete the sentence, ranging from cute to off-color. But perhaps the funniest option is the blue passport holder,in which the Mad Libs-themed graphic reads, “Don’t forget your *!@#%ing Passport,” with the word “passport” scribbled in marker atop a blank designated for a noun. Talk about a friendly reminder, right?

These very same graphics appear in the F1 Flight Lib Luggage Tags ($15 each at Flight001.com), which feature a two-toned design, with one color designated for the tag itself and a contrasting color chosen for the belted strap. Each luggage tag features a Mad Libs-inspired graphic on the front and, on the back, a transparent ID window.

Delayed flights, crowded airport terminals, uncooperative suitcases, and all the annoyances that come with traveling call for a sense of humor, and these playful accessories should help to remind you of the fact that, in the end, none of it is really that serious.

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