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Zoya’s Summer 2014 Tickled Nail Lacquer Collection Totally Tickles My Pickle!


 Zoya is poised to tickle nail lovers’ fancies with its aptly dubbed Tickled collection of nail polishes, new for Summer 2014. The collection consists of six creamy nail lacquers in punchy, vivid hues that capture the joy of the summer season. Among them you’ll find two pink shades, one stunning cerulean blue color, a deep orange hue, and a refreshing lime green.

To give these nail lacquers the desired intensity, Zoya incorporated some fluorescent pigments in their formulas while keeping the finish creamy and sparkle-free. All the polishes yield full coverage after 2-3 coats (depending on the shade) but do keep in mind that, given how thick and creamy they are, you need to let each coat fully dry before applying a new one if you intend to avoid a gooey mess. With a little of patience, you’ll have beach-ready nails in no time!

Below, you’ll find swatches of all six nail lacquers, each of which retails for $9 at Zoya.com. 




This deep orange hue reminds me of the flame-colored blossoms on a flamboyán tree, otherwise known as a Royal Poinciana. The color borders on vermillion thanks to its reddish undertones, but it’s still primarily an orange color — albeit one with less of a yellow tint. The shade is full-bodied, intense, and radiant.




Zoya describes Rooney as a deep magenta pink — a pretty accurate assessment of the color. To offer a pop culture reference, this shade is strikingly similar to the color of the leather get-up Elle Woods wore when she first arrived at Harvard, clutching her precious Chihuahua, in the cult classic Legally Blonde. The violet undertones are what make this nail lacquer so distinctive, feminine without being dainty.





By far my favorite shade in the Tickled collection is Ling, a stunning cerulean blue shade.The shade reminds me of the domed roofs of the houses and churches positioned along the coastline in the Greek island of Mykonos. Or, for a more accessible reference, try this: Cookie Monster’s fur. Either way, the color is simply beautiful.




Now, this is a bubblegum pink shade! Open a pack of Bubble Yum, unwrap one of the pieces, and you’ll come across a color just like this one.




A juicy pink melon shade, the Wendy nail lacquer borders on coral but the amount of cool undertones make it more distinct from traditional peachy pink and coral hues.




This green shade was inspired by praying mantises but it’s not quite as fluorescent as one might expect given the creature that served as muse. Instead, this shade has some olive tones to it that make it a bit more somber and not quite as electric as the other five lacquers in the collection. It’s not an eye sore by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s definitely not my favorite Zoya green polish (Josie, Gemma, Wednesday, and Giovanna are all significantly more striking).

So what do you think of the Tickled collection as a whole? Which shade do you want to snatch up?

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