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A Beauty Baker’s Dozen — Laura Mercier Introduces 13 New Lip Glacé Shades


Talk about doubling the fun! This season, Laura Mercier is introducing 13 new Lip Glacé shades, extending the total number of hues to a whopping 26. If you’ve held one of these rectangular lip gloss tubes, unscrewed its cap, clutched the applicator wand, and smoothed the sponge tip over your lips, then you know that the texture is delectable, gliding onto lips without leaving behind the excess stickiness and tackiness that can accompany so many glosses. Each gloss delivers a semi-sheer layer of brilliant color that’s at once bold and perky yet natural-looking and utterly believable. A favorite among fans and beauty pros alike, the Laura Mercier Lip Glacé not only manages to give lips a pinch of bold color and a delicious sheen, but it makes lips appear slightly plumper and, perhaps most impressively, it adheres to lips in such a manner as to yield an even appearance (so that the gloss isn’t concentrated around the contours of the mouth or looking patchy and streaky).

The 13 new Laura Mercier Lip Glacé shades ($25 each at LauraMercier.com) are:

Azalea: a lavender-tinged, bubble gum-esque, pale pink

Garnet: a rich, Merlot-like burgundy

Chocolate: a dark brown reminiscent of a Hershey’s bar

Black Cherry: a deep berry shade reminiscent of raspberry sorbet but with a blackened tonality

Pink Pop: a playful honeysuckle pink with a touch of watermelon red

Tulip: a sheer, medium-intensity, mauve-tinged pink

Cosmic: a clear hue with scattered shimmer

Wildflower: a fun-loving red reminiscent of a cherry-flavored Italian Ice

Daiquiri: a perky, peach sangria meets strawberry daiquiri color

Poppy: a full-bodied red

Nectar : a sheer coral peach

Bare Baby: a muted baby pink

Orchid: a deep, exotic, magenta-tinged purple


I had the opportunity to try 6 of the new 13 shades, and I’m smitten with all of them. Now, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I tend to favor lipsticks over lip glosses because I am a fan of the former’s creamy texture, rich pigmentation, and overall boldness, but I do find myself reaching for glosses more frequently come summer, when I yearn for easier, more low-maintenance looks. And let’s face it: there’s something about lip gloss that feels youthful, fun, easy, and perfect for the summer season. And, not only are these Lip Glacé shades adventurous and coquettish, but they have that wondrous non-sticky quality that lets you rock your loose, textured, sea salt spray-enhanced waves without worrying about any of those strands sticking to your lips and creating an absolute mess.

Below, check out close-up images of the six Lip Glacé glosses I tried:



Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Azalea


Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Pink Pop


Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Tulip


Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Wildflower


Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Poppy


Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Black Cherry

Next, check out what the glosses look like on skin! In the photo below, you’ll check out swatches of Azalea, Pink Pop, Tulip, and Wildflower. Out of these shades, I’m particularly enamored with Azalea and Wildflower, but they’re all stunning!


Next, check out close-ups of Azalea, Pink Pop, and Tulip. As you can see, Azalea is a pale, blue-toned, lavender pink reminiscent of MAC’s Pink Friday lipstick but with a sheer, vinyl-like sheen. I also adore Pink Pop, which feels like a honeysuckle pink shade but with a bit of a melon pink twist.


Next, check out close-ups of Wildflower, Poppy and Black Cherry. I am completely enamored with Wildflower, since it has this cherry popsicle quality that feels perfect for the warmer months, and also with Black Cherry since it’s a deeper, darker, bolder berry shade but it doesn’t feel severe or somber.


What shades are you dying to try?

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