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Beauty Melting Point — Too Faced Introduces New Shades Of Its Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick


The liquid lipstick trend is only gaining momentum as the summer season continues, with brands like Smashbox introducing new fluid lip lacquers and trail-blazing brands like Too Faced, Make Up For Ever, and Hourglass Cosmetics expanding their color offerings. As of June 1st, Too Faced has added four new shades to its Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick collection, which consists of richly pigmented, fluid lip color packaged in squeezable tubes and boasting  sponge-tipped applicator for maximum ease. The four new shades introduced are: Marshmallow, a whitened blue-toned pink reminiscent of the pink frosting on donuts and cupcakes; Candy, a warm, honeysuckle pink with melon tones; Fig, a deep mauve shade with an earthy raisin-like touch; and Berry, a raspberry red with touches of aubergine. All four shades are available for $21 each at TooFaced.com

I had the opportunity to try three of the four new Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick shades — and I’ve included swatches and details below — but before we get into color specificities, let me clarify something about these lip colors. Though they’re billed as having long-wearing formulas, their longevity manifests itself in the form of a lip stain — not a super-saturated color with a vinyl-like shine. When you first apply the Melted liquid lipsticks, the colors will appear incredibly rich and opaque, offering full coverage but boasting a rather light and fluid consistency and packing the shine typically reserved for glosses. The color, however, won’t remain as vibrant as the day goes on — in fact, it will fade every time you have something to eat or drink, bite on your lip, and so forth. What will linger for hours on end, however, is a more subdued version of the color, a lip stain of sorts. In other words, while the color won’t completely dissipate hours after application, its intensity will decrease dramatically, so do take that into account. I personally love a very bold pout, so I was a bit disappointed that the pigment didn’t lock onto my pout for a longer stretch of time. Also, the vinyl-like sheen eventually ebbs away, giving way to a matte finish. A few more words of caution: the formula can prove to be a bit drying on lips, so I would recommend applying a moisturizing, smoothing lip primer before gliding this liquid lip color onto your pout.

All these caveats aside, I’d recommend the Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks for women who like just a touch of color on their lips and who don’t want to fuss with hard-to-use applicators or lip brushes. After all, you can always apply the color onto your pout and blot as needed, so that you’ll get the desired stain effect that much quicker.

Here’s a close-up of the sponge-tip applicator. When you squeeze the Melted lipstick tube, the liquid color gushes out through the center of that soft, fuzzy, applicator tip, and you can then smooth it onto lips. The applicator does the blending for you so that you can smooth it onto your pout without any additional color being dispensed — that is, unless you decide to give the tube another squeeze! Pretty neat, right?


Next, let’s check out swatches of the three shades I tested out: Marshmallow, Fig, and Berry. The colors are all pretty different from those of their respective tubes, so make sure not to make any decisions based on packaging alone. This is particularly true of Fig, which has an orchid purple tube but looks much more like an earthy mauve hue, one bordering on rum raisin.

Check out the new shades below:



Out of the three colors, Marshmallow was the first to really catch my eye, but I found that it wasn’t too flattering on my particular skin tone (it looks a bit like a Peptobismol shade on me) whereas Berry proved way more attractive on me. In the photos below, I’m wearing the Melted Berry shade:



Again, these pictures were taken immediately after I applied the color —hence the potency of the color and the shiny finish — but the shade does fade quite a bit, even with primer. The resulting stain is pretty and natural-looking, but might disappoint those who like to go for the gusto with their lip colors (such as myself). But, if you love a shade enough, you can always reapply as needed since part of these liquid lipsticks’ charm is their portability and their handy applicators, which make on-the-go touch-ups a breeze.

Have you tried the Melted lipsticks yet? What’s been your experience?

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