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It’s Kestrel Clear — Organize Your Cosmetics In A Kestrel Makeup Bag








Your eyeshadow palettes, finishing powders, blushes, lipsticks, and lip glosses likely come in sleek compacts, cases, and tubes with intricate etchings, near-sculptural ridges, embossed details, screen-printed images, and maybe even gem-like embellishments, so why would you tuck these perfectly packaged cosmetics inside a ratty or simply unremarkable makeup bag? Instead, let your cosmetics case serve as the party dress — or the limo, if you will, since it will be transporting them from place to place — that your beauty products deserve. To do so, you need only browse through the Spring/Summer 2014 offerings from Kestrel, a brand that specializes in fashion-forward clutches, train cases, weekender bags, pouches, and beauty organizers.

The current collection includes a range of modern designs with on-trend prints and details. For instance, the Punch Clutch ($68 at Anthropologie.com), shown third above in Lava, features round perforations that speak to the current obsession with cut-out details (which we discussed here). Measuring 11″ in length, 6.75″ in height, and 0.25″ in width, this zippered envelope clutch features a beige coated canvas underlay to keep beauty products and trinkets safely stored in the main compartment (s0 even the slimmest eye pencil can’t slip through one of the cut-out circles). Similarly, the  Window Clutch ($88 at Anthropologie.com), shown fifth above, taps into several contemporary trends: the perforation mania mentioned, along with color-blocking motifs (accomplished by having a forest green trim along the clutch’s top rim to contrast the light peach shade below it), and geometric details (in this case, the square shapes of the cut-outs). Measuring 11.5″ in length, 6.75″ in height, and 0.25″ in depth, this clutch is so modern you’ll want to flaunt it rather than tuck it inside a larger tote or hobo bag.

Sunny, cheeky, retro-inspired prints also abound in the collection. Take, for instance, the Air Grid print — shown in the Nail Case ($48 at Anthropologie stores) pictured second above and the Weekender Bag ($278 at Anthropologie stores) pictured next to last —which modernizes the classic gingham print by using less precise lines to create the checkered pattern. Featuring intersecting lines that are deliberately asymmetrical, these coated canvas cases take the sky-blue-and-white gingham print we associate with Dorothy’s apron dress and reinvent it ever so slightly. The Nail Case has a clever cylindrical shape so that you can place any polish bottles, nail files, and clippers therein without fear of the lacquers tipping over and spilling everywhere. Measuring 3.5″ in length 3.5″ in width, and 4.5″ in height, the case features a flip-up lid with a zipper directly beneath it. The Weekender Bag, meanwhile, measures 20″ in length, 11.5″ in width, and 14.75″ in height, making it perfect for summer getaways since it can easily hold a few changes of clothing, a blow dryer, and all the lotions, sunscreen, and makeup you’ll need to look like a beach goddess during your mini vacation.

With a sunny yellow backdrop and white polka dot-like specks, the Sun Seed print is another delightful choice with a nostalgic essence. The Sun Seed Train Case ($92 at Anthropologie stores), shown fourth above, measures 9.5″ in length, 6.5″ in width, and 6.5″ in height, and it comes with a convenient top handle.

Aside from the edgy Punch Clutch and Window Clutch, my favorite pieces in Kestrel’s current collection are those with the Retro Troop print, a camouflage pattern that will do anything but blend in thanks to its coy color combination with incorporates a blood orange hue, a pale fluorescent yellow, an off-white shade, and an inky blue. The print appears in several different beauty cases, among them the Small Clutch ($48 a Anthropologie stores) pictured last above, a classic envelope-style pouch made of microfiber and measuring 7.75″ in length, 5″ in height, and 0.5″ in width; and the microfiber Train Case ($88 at Anthropologie stores) shown first above, which measures 10.5″ in length, 4.75″ in height, and 6.75″ in width, and which comes with a convenient top handle.

For more information regarding Kestrel or to find additional retailers, visit KestrelBags.com

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