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Kick Off The 2014 FIFA World Cup With These Team-Themed Havaianas






In exactly one week, soccer fans all over the world will tune into watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup, starting with the Brazil vs. Croatia match on June 12th. Since the championships always takes place in the summer season, it’s the perfect time to bring together two of your big loves: soccer and adorable flip-flops. Luckily, Brazilian footwear brand Havaianas is in full-on soccer mania mode — hardly a surprising given that, this year, the World Cup will be hosted in Sao Paulo this year. The limited-edition Havaianas Teams II collection, then, allows soccer fans to root for their favorite teams via their choice of flip-flops.

Each pair of rubber flip-flops features the colors corresponding to a particular team’s jersey, with the number “1” printed on one shoe’s textured footbed and the number “0” printed on the other to create a “perfect 10.” The matte thong straps, each in a two-toned color combination, meanwhile, feature the corresponding country’s flag next to the raised Havaianas logo.

The Brazil flip-flops, for instance, feature yellow footbeds with green numbers printed along their centers. Atop these digits, the word “Brasil” is spelled out, so as to span across both shoes, with half the letters on the left sandal and half of them on the right one. Only when placed next to each other, then, can you make out the country name and the digit “10” beneath it. Subtle shadowing accents in yellow and green complete the footbed design.

The Argentina flip-flops pay homage to the national team’s signature jersey design via the sky blue and white stripes on their footbeds, as well as the navy blue numbers and lettering juxtaposed over this backdrop and the matching thong straps. The green Mexico sandals, similarly, feature a tonal checkered pattern, with numbers outlined in gold and the letters of the country’s name also printed in gold above the numbers. This style’s straps, meanwhile, are green along the top and red along the bottom, creating a fun two-toned effect.

Like the aforementioned designs, each pair of team sandals features the colors and design elements associated with its jersey — whether it’s vertical pinstripes, perpendicular lines, checkered boxes, or diagonal stripes.

Choose between one of 14 teams: Spain, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, USA, France, England, Colombia, Portugal, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and Croatia.

The Havaianas Teams II sandals are available for $26 each at US.Havaianas.com.

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