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Say Cheers With New Korres White Grape From The Vineyards of Santorini Body Butter


I’ve long admired Korres’ rich, velvety, indulgent body butters — available in mouth-watering scents like Fig, Guava, Japanese Rose, Vanilla Guava, and Jasmine. Now, the brand introduced yet a new scent to its body butter family with the launch of the Korres White Grape From The Vineyards of Santorini Body Butter ($29 at HSN.com), available exclusively at HSN. Given my devotion to Korres’ products, my body butter obsession, and my affinity for white wine, I figured this would be my new favorite body butter scent — after all, the cream’s aroma was inspired by the white grapes used to make wine in the Grecian island of Santorini.

After trying the body butter repeatedly, however, I have to say that the scent did not in any way make me think of a Reidel glass of Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, or Sauvignon Blanc. In fact, the scent didn’t even bring to mind green grapes dangling from vines. The aroma is pleasant — delightful even — but it’s not necessarily reminiscent of white wine. That said, Korres may have taken some liberties when creating the scent since, when describing the aromatic inspiration, they also mention that these fruits grow in their own roots with sea mist water and that this mist blows across the island at night and is captured by the vine leaves in the form of morning dew. It’s possible, then, that the scent is meant to be as light and subtle as that sea mist, with just a hint of a citrus kick and a bit of juicy peach.

Oddly enough, the aroma reminds me of the Guava Body Butter in that it shares a creamy vanilla base, but this scent is decidedly more citric in its feel. Unlike most citrus-inspired scents (think orange and grapefruit), which can be rather powerful, this one is airy and, in that sense, feels rather summery and the subtle peach note adds just the right amount of juiciness and sweetness. And, again, while the aroma may not be a replica of your favorite Greek wine, it’s positively delightful — and, yes, you will be drunk in love with it!

As with all Korres body butters, this one features skin-loving natural ingredients like: shea butter, which is rich in essential fatty acids that nourish, moisturize, and soothe skin; sweet almond oil, which is rich in vitamins A, E, and D, as well as oleic and linoleic acid, making it a wonderful moisturizer and emollient, capable of restoring your skin’s pH balance, locking in moisture, boosting your skin’s radiance, and protecting the skin against damaging UV rays; sunflower seed oil, which contains nearly equal amounts of oleic and linoleic acids (allowing it to have a more lightweight consistency), and which has a remarkably high vitamin E content (thereby being effective in neutralizing free radicals); avocado oil,  which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that penetrate the skin and form a protective barrier that helps to prevent moisture loss, and which also contains sterolins, natural steroids that boost collagen production; and both grape seed extract and grape fruit extract, which contain reversatrol, a type of polyphenol with proven anti-aging benefits that can largely be attributed to the substance’s antioxidant ability (which is greater than that of vitamins E and C) and to its ability to improve the function of fibroblasts that create collagen.

Thanks to these botanical extracts, the newest Korres body butter (which has a composition of 96.7% natural ingredients) leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, and it effectively provides long-lasting hydration so that you skin won’t feel itchy, scaly, or rough even hours after application. I also love that it helps to improve the skin’s texture and make it look healthier and more luminous. Opa!



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