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Stella & Bow Launch Mean Girls-Inspired Burn Book Jewelry Collection


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Mean GirlsStella & Bow has released its “Burn Book” jewelry collection, consisting primarily of adjustable cuffs etched with phrases popularized in the film. Some of these phrases are no-brainer — like “That’s So Fetch,” which is arguably the crowning bit of lingo from the film, along with the accompanying “Stop Trying to Make Fetch Happen!” Others are a bit more clever — a hair barrette, for instance, features the phrase “Full of Secrets” engraved across its length in oxidized-looking, blackened, calligraphy-style letters. If, like so many of us, you can recite the film’s dialogue verbatim, you’ll remember that, when Janis and Damian escorted Cady to the non-existent “back building” for her health class, they sat on a field and watched The Plastics in their skimpy gym outfits. When describing Gretchen Wieners, Damian said, “That’s why her hair is so big — it’s full of secrets!” Oddly enough, the barrette was dubbed the “Karen” hair clip, which seems to attribute the phrase to the wrong character, but why nitpick over jewelry piece names?

Another adjustable bangle, available in either sterling silver or a 14k gold plated style, features the words “You Can’t Sit With Us” etched in large block letters — a nod to Gretchen Weiners’ famous meltdown, when she told Regina she had to sit elsewhere because she was wearing sweatpants and therefore violating one of The Plastics’ many rules. And, of course, there’s a rose gold-plated cuff that reads “Wednesday,” the choice of metal playing a huge role in the joke since, after all, The Plastics always wore pink on Wednesdays.

Aside from slim cuffs and the aforementioned hair barrette, the collection includes an adjustable cuff with a diamond-shaped pink stone at its center, two adjustable midi rings with bow accents, several heart-shaped pendants dangling from slim chains, and three bracelets with round letter beads — one reading “Fetch,” another “Duh,” and another “Boo.”

Though the collection has some cheeky and clever film references, the Mean Girls fanatic in me wishes they had also incorporated more insider-y phrases like “Word vomit” (how Cady describes the sensation of blurting something out, “Cold, shiny, hard plastic!” (how Janis describes Cady after the latter misses her art show and fails to invite her to a house party), “I have a fifth sense” (how Karen describes her psychic powers), “Grool” (which Cady says to Aaron), and so forth. But, again, I’m being a fan girl here. Ultimately, anyone who has watched Mean Girls will appreciate these pieces — especially since they’re campy without being so literal as to become unwearable. At the core, these are dainty, wearable pieces that can be mixed and matched with almost anything else in your jewelry box — they just happen to have  a bit more ‘tude.

Check out some of the pieces below!


Stella & Bow “Gretchen” 14K gold-plated cuff, $110


Stella & Bow “Karen” 14k gold-plated hair clip, $55


Stella & Bow “Cady (Boo)” bracelet, $37.95


Stella & Bow “Regina” silver-plated cuff, $110


Stella & Bow “Aaron” silver midi ring, $23.30


Stella & Bow “Janis” rose gold-plated cuff, $110


Stella & Bow “Damian” bangle, $63.25

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