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Put A Ring — And A Bracelet — On It When You Try Out The Hand Chain Trend!

From midi rings to ear cuffs and front-back-earrings, the past few seasons have been filled with funky jewelry trends. My latest obsession: hand chain bracelets. These statement pieces consist of a bracelet with an embellished chain or even a decorative over-the-hand plate that, in turn, connects to a ring or to a loop meant to be worn around the middle finger. The notion is, of course, hardly a novel one — for centuries, brides in India have been wearing hand chains (also known as Haath Phool, meaning “hand flower” in Hindi) during their wedding ceremonies, a tradition that’s still observed by many. Oftentimes, these hand flower designs are extremely elaborate, consisting of rings for each finger in one hand, each connected to the next via chains that, on turn, form a web-like structure along the back of the hand and finally converge to form a bracelet wrapping around the wrist. In recent years, as Western jewelry designers have looked to the East for inspiration, we’ve seen hand chains become a part of contemporary pop culture. From Rihanna and Nicole Richie to Blake Lively, Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Rowland, Zoe Saldana, and Kim Kardashian, celebrities have spent the last two years experimenting with the look and, in the process, giving these handpieces even greater mainstream visibility.

The trend is still nascent — so much so that a zillion terms exist to describe these pieces, among them hand bracelet, handpiece, over-the-hand bracelet, ring-to-wrist cuff, handlet, and  finger bracelet. It’s definitely an exciting phenomenon — especially as designers reinvent bare-bones silhouettes and begin to experiment with Bohemian, punk, and Art Deco-inspired motifs; add on eye-catching gems like pearls, onyx stones, and turquoise beads; trade in dainty chains for chunkier box, Cuban, and curb link chains; and add etched details, Bali-esque dot impressions, and repoussé impressions.

Below, check out 15 stunning hand chain bracelets that will quickly give any ensemble a helping hand on the coolness front.


Ben-Amun Deco Hand Piece, $260. Available at Shopbop.com


Species by the Thousands Snake Charmer Hand Piece, $148. Available at NastyGal.com


Eddie Borgo Yellow Gold Jacket Left Hand Chain, $750. Available at NeimanMarcus.com


Natalie B Jewelry Two Raven Hand Chain, $121. Available at RevolveClothing.com


Gorjana Bali Beaded Hand Chain, $75. Available at Nordstrom.com


Mike Saatji Pearl “Amiens” Hand Bracelet, $3625. Available at Plukka.com


Ben-Amun Moroccan Handpiece, $195. Available at CharmandChain.com


Vanessa Mooney Clash Silver Handpiece, $125. Available at VanessaMooney.com


Malene Birger Ottava Gold-Plated Resin Finger Bracelet, $295. Available at Net-a-Porter.com


Natalie B Hand of Glory Bracelet, $48. Available at ShopPlanetBlue.com


Vanessa Mooney The Empire Gold Ring-to-Wrist Cuff, $175. Available at VanessaMooney.com


Elodie K Rose Gold Plated Snakes Bracelet, $690. Available at MaxAndChloe.com


Blee Inara Sterling Silver 22K Plated Circle Harem Bracelet, $112.50. Available at BleeInara.com


Joolz by Martha Calvo V Hand Chain Bracelet, $165. Available at RevolveClothing.com



Oscar de la Renta Rose Pave Hand Bracelet, $695. Available at Shopbop.com

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