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Musical Stylings — FRENDS X BaubleBar Release Bejeweled Layla Headphones







If you love sashaying along the streets listening to your favorite tunes or nodding your head to the beat during your long morning commute, then you know that, to maximize the auditory experience, only noise-canceling, on-ear headphones will do the trick. The problem: most on-ear headphones are bulky and unfashionable, clashing with your cleverly styled ensemble, and leaving you feeling like Noodle from the Gorillaz. To address this decidedly first world problem (but an existing dilemma nevertheless), the Dutch brand FRENDS devised its “Taylor” headphones model, which combines the high-tech features and comfort elements music aficionados need — a premium 30mm driver; noise isolation; a three-button mic with volume, music, and phone controls; a soft-touch fabric cord; and memory foam ear cushions that feel plush against the ears) – while adding a couture element via interchangeable caps. Thus far, FRENDS has released a number of different caps for the Taylor headphones: conical-shaped gold metallic caps with an embossed stingray pattern, iridescent metallic caps inspired by the rainbow colors seen in oil slicks, tortoise shell print enamel caps, and so forth. And, now, thanks to a collaboration with BaubleBar, FRENDS is giving Taylor some serious bling.

The FRENDS x BaubleBar Layla Headphones ($175 at BaubleBar.com) are available in two colors schemes: one featuring a black headband with gold hardware and another featuring a white headband and rose gold accents. But, of course, it’s the jeweled caps that will make your eyes twinkle. Each set of headphones comes with two interchangeable caps: conical round caps in a solid metallic color (a rose gold tone for the white pair and a yellow gold tone for the black pair) and ultra luxe spherical caps featuring inlaid enamel in the corresponding color (white or black) and adorned with faceted crystals. The FRENDS x BaubleBar Layla Headphones in Rose Gold, for instance, feature stunning white enamel caps that boast an Asscher-cut, rose gold-toned, faceted glass stone at their core, marking the hub of the circular surface. The rest of the white cap is divided into pie-like slices via rose gold lines and, upon each wedge, you’ll find a pair of glass stones: two almond-shaped stones in the top two wedges, two rectangular crystals along the bottom two wedges, and an almond and rectangular stone combination on each of the side wedges. The FRENDS x BaubleBar Layla Headphones in Gold, meanwhile, feature the same overall design but boast a black enamel filling, yellow gold trimmings, and clear stones that give the style an Art Deco feel.

Visually striking and ultra glamorous, these jeweled headphone caps were inspired by BaubleBar earrings and, in fact, each pair comes with these sparkly wonders so that you can even match your jewelry to your headphones.

Time to turn the beat around!

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