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The Family Jewels — Louise Camuto Launches Louise Et Cie Jewelry Line







We all know that behind every strong man there is a stronger woman and, for Vince Camuto, the lady in question is none other than his wife of over 20 years, Louise. A former Miss Sweden, the Scandinavian beauty has long worked alongside her husband as President of Marketing for Camuto Group and Creative Director for Vince Camuto, exerting her influence behind the scenes by strategizing about how to best appeal to the company’s customer base, cleverly editing new collections, and pinpointing the brand’s aesthetic while helping it continuously evolve. But, over the last year, she has stepped into the limelight thanks to the launch of her own footwear line, Louise Et Cie. Meant to reflect her own sense of style and impeccable taste, the shoe designs within the Louise Et Cie line feature simple and streamlined silhouettes, classic shapes, luxe materials, and modern touches that exude a sense of strength while retaining a feminine allure and an elegant poise. This season, Louise Camuto is skipping and twirling into a new design playground via the launch of Louise Et Cie Jewelry.

The debut collection, available at LouiseEtCie.com, features pieces that feel sophisticated but slightly edgy, subtly and expertly tapping into current style trends without compromising the designs’ timelessness. Architectural influences and Art Deco motifs abound in the collection — from the sleek lines of the square cuffs and bangles to the geometric shapes seen in chain link necklaces and earrings. Octagon shapes, which have typically been a signature design element within the Vince Camuto empire, again appear throughout the collection. The Resin Octagon Drop Earrings ($136 at LouiseEtCie.com) feature two octagonal, cloudy, earthy resin stones reminiscent of tiger’s eye and smoky topaz gems, each stone sculpted to create a three-dimensional pyramid shape with a pointed tip at its center. Each resin stone is rimmed with a golden trim featuring clear, pavé-set crystals, giving a glitzy pop to the earthy danglers. For a bolder statement that still pays homage to the octagon, the collection offers the interlocked Statement Collar Necklace ($228 at LouiseEtCie.com), which features polished gold-toned trapezoid shapes that, when connected together, create octagonal forms with cut-out centers that, in turn, are embellished with thick curb links along either side and connected to identical stations. But perhaps the most clever use of octagons is evident in the honeycomb-themed pieces — like the Honeycomb Round Cuff ($108 at LouiseEtCie.com) and Honeycomb Geo Ring ($48 at LouiseEtCie.com) shown above — which feature columns of raised, eight-sided medallions that mimic the look of the pollen-storing wax cells built by honey bees.

The debut collection is also typified by an abundance of luxurious gray leather with embossed snake scales. Three different cuffs incorporate this posh leather, which adds an exotic elegance to each design. There’s the Snake Leather Square Cuff ($158 at LouiseEtCie.com), a chunky bracelet with square sides and rounded edges made of polished gold and featuring an inlay of snake-like leather along its center; the Snake Leather Bow Cuff ($198 at LouiseEtCie.com), an adjustable, open-ended, polished gold cuff with a double bow embellishment made of this faux snakeskin leather bolted onto the front surface to give the daintiness of the bow an industrial feel; and the Snake Leather Square Bangle ($78 at LouiseEtCie.com), a slender square bangle with a gray snakeskin inlay.

New designs — including starburst necklaces and serpent rings — will be available soon so stay tuned for more Louise Et Cie Jewelry news!






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