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A Workplace-Ready “Borrowed From The Boys” Trend: Shirt Collar Chains, Pins, and Tips!

If your workplace calls for button-down blouses and blazers, you may sometimes feel like your style personality is being stifled under the heavy foot of corporate dress codes. But don’t despair — there are, in fact, ways to express that big personality without ruffling any feathers or being chided by a human resources specialist. One successful strategy involves wearing statement necklaces atop a buttoned-up shirt, making sure the pointed collar tips are positioned atop the jewelry piece. But, seriously, how often can you wear a statement necklace over a blouse? And what if you want an edgier, slightly more androgynous effect? Well, darlings, that’s when you look to Annie Hall for inspiration on how to raid boys’ closets for some fun wardrobe accents.

Sure, you could follow Diane Keaton’s lead in Annie Hall and rock a striped tie or channel Janelle Monae with saddle shoes and bow ties, but there are subtler ways to add a “borrowed from the boys” vibe to your workplace attire without going into full-on masculine mode (or having to fuss over a proper tie knot). All you need is some eye-catching shirt collar accessories! Designed to be worn with button-down shirts featuring pointed collars,  these accessories range from collar tips, which are meant to be placed along the triangular edges of the collar, to collar chains, which feature two brooch-like ends united by draped chain strands, and collar bars, which are typically shaped like barbells or elongated safety pins and unite both collar sides via one horizontal rod.

Below, you’ll find some great shirt collar accessories but, if you’re a crafty sort, remember that you can create your own collar chain by adding a simple chain to unite vintage stud earrings or brooches and adjusting the latter’s closures as needed.


River Island Faux Pearl Collar Tips, $4. Available at US.RiverIsland.com

Designed to accentuate pointed collars, these tips are made of gold-toned metal and feature rows of faux pearls for a ladylike effect. Featuring clutch backs, these tips stay in place all day long and add a unique personality to even the daintiest ensemble. Just imagine pinning the clips onto a colored button-down blouse paired with a floral jacquard pencil skirt.


8 Other Reasons Game Over Collar, $72. Available at RevolveClothing.com

Whether you’re in the office or out with friends, this collar accessory is certain to make heads turn. The collar accent features two gunmetal-toned triangular studs with faceted sides to create a pyramid effect, both joined together via four gunmetal-toned chains: one running straight across from one side to the next in a taut line and the remaining three draped to create a staggered, layered look. To add even more of a jaw-dropping energy, the lowest-hanging chain is embellished with gold chain fringe arranged to create a bib-like look.  Measuring 6″ in total length, this piece will look bad to the bone over any sold-colored collared shirt.


Bjorg Rose Gold Plated Collar Tips, $365. Available at Avenue32.com

Known for his surrealist aesthetic, Norwegian designer Bjorg Nordli-Mathison crafted these triangular collar tips using hammered rose gold-plated bronze with the hopes of making them resemble molten metal.  When you wear this, then, you’ll feel like you’re dripping with style.


DapperAndSwag Bronze Lion Head Collar Clips, $20. Available at Etsy.com

Are you a fearless lioness? Then celebrate your own bravery and fierceness with this collar accent, featuring two sculpted brass lion heads united by a 3.5″-long chain that drapes across the collar. Each lion head measures approximately 1″ in width and features its own clutch backing.


Topman Stone Collar Tips, $15. Available at US.Topman.com

These collar tips feature red marbled stones nestled inside arrowhead-shaped gold-toned bars with decorative etchings on either end.


Reclaimed Vintage Club Collar Tips With Chain, $17.06. Available at US.Asos.com

Are you a card shark? Then you’ll appreciate this collar accent, which features a clover-shaped accent on one side that nods to the suit of clubs in playing cards, and a rhinestone stud on the other. Featuring a butterfly-back fastening, this collar clip can also be worn with a cardigan or used to decorate a blazer lapel.


UncleSteampunk Vintage Turtle and Fly Collar Chain Pin, $19.95. Available at Etsy.com

Play up the quirkiness factor with this clever vintage pin, which features a turtle charm with a jade-colored stone on one end and a fly with a garnet-like stone accent on the other end — both creatures joined together by a 3″-wide gold chain. The turtle charm measures 10mm x 18mm and features a scarab-style clutch back.

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