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Eugenia Kim’s Haunted Headbands Available Exclusively For Halloween!






Are you as nutty about Halloween as Modern Family‘s Claire Dunphy? Over the years, the woman has transformed her home into a house of horrors complete with fog and lightning machines, staircases covered in spidery cobwebs, and motion sensor-activated coffins, enlisting all of her relatives to play roles like vampires, scarecrows, witches, and hostages; and scared trick-or-treaters half to death (and legitimately triggered an accompanying adult’s heart attack) by answering the door in a Mrs. Clever-y outfit, replete with a pearl necklace and frilly apron, only to pull a stunt that involved a blood-soaked hand rupturing through her stomach, seemingly clutching her internal organs, and blood streaming out of her mouth. Clark Griswold may have had an over-the-top approach to Christmas lights and decorations, but Claire Dunphy is positively fastidious about her Halloween costumes and spooky contraptions. If you share this fascination with the macabre but are fixated on more fashionable ways to express this interest, let Eugenia Kim be your guide to ghoulish glamour.

This year, the celebrated milliner and hair accessories designer has unveiled a capsule collection of Halloween-themed headbands that epitomize ghastly glamour and eerie elegance.

Available online only, this accessories collection consists of four gunmetal-toned headbands with spooky adornments. The Eugenia Kim Bathilda headband ($175 at EugeniaKim.com), shown above at top, features a row of gothic-looking bats with outspread wings reminiscent of the illustrations of Dracula in bat form seen in the graphic novels and comic books inspired by Bram Stroker’s 1897 novel. It might even remind you of the ominous bat-themed door knockers in horror movie castles! Another creepily chic offering, the Eugenia Kim Narcissa headband ($190 at EugeniaKim.com) features grisly insects — cockroaches, beetles, spiders, and locusts — clustered together and topped off which skull and crossbones motifs.

If you want something a bit more feminine but still fright-inducing, try the Lenore headband ($190 at EugeniaKim.com), which has gunmetal-toned, sculpted roses in a twisted vine, with raven-colored feathers throughout the piece’s length for a Queen Ravenna-worthy look.

Those of you who like Halloween to be frisky rather than frightful, meanwhile, can gravitate toward the Eugenia Kim Salem headband ($175 at EugeniaKim.com), which features a long line of black cats (well, they’re technically gunmetal-toned, but the pun-y motif wasn’t lost on us!). Having one cross your path is a classic bad luck omen but having a whole litter adorning your mane? Well, that’s great fashion luck — and way more clever than putting on some boring kitty ears!


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