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New Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color Shades: What Makeup Lovers’ Caviar Dreams Are Made Of!



Much like Beluga caviar is widely considered synonymous with wealth, luxury, sophistication and indulgence, Laura Mercier‘s Caviar Stick Eye Colours ($28 each at LauraMercier.com and Sephora.com) epitomize opulence —that is, within the makeup realm. These creamy eye shadows dazzle and glisten like Harry Winston’s legendary clustered diamonds and, like fine cashmere, they feel like a gentle caress as they glide atop the delicate skin on the eyelid area. Like an expertly crafted silk charmeuse gown grazing the hips and thighs of the female form, these cream colors seem to float effortlessly atop eyelids, their lustrous finish accentuating the ethereal and dreamy effect. Unlike silk, however, these colors actually adhere to the skin and prove both water-resistant and crease-proof, allowing for longer wear without any high maintenance demands. And, whereas many luxury items are fragile — think of crystal stemware, porcelain figurines, or fragrance atomizers — the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks come in a sturdy, travel-friendly, practical, pen-like tube and even feature a twistable, retractable cylinder below the tip. Simply put: they’re the epitome of makeup magnificence. 

Laura Mercier’s caviar buffet has expanded markedly in recent months thanks to the addition of six new Caviar Stick shades: Burnished Bronze, a deep, cocoa-dipped bronze sheet with reddish undertones reminiscent of a classical bust; Peacock, a teal-tinged turquoise shade with a metallic sheen and a sophisticated silvery shimmer; Copper, which resembles a yellow gold hue but has the rosy metallic tones associated with copper; Moonlight, a moody, grayish pewter hue with an all-over sheen; Tuxedo, an opaque black shade and the first matte hue in the Cavia Stick range; and Gilded Gold, an ancient-looking, slightly blackened yellow gold hue.

I’ve been trying out three of the new Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour shades: Burnished Bronze, Peacock, and Copper. Below, check out swatches of these hues:




Obviously, the Peacock shade, much like the fowl that inspired its name, is a true show-stopper and will catch the attention of every female nearby. Though you might expect the blue tone to have a cobalt tonality, akin to the eye of a peacock feather, or even a turquoise tint inspired by the halo of color around this round sphere, it’s best described as a teal shade, one similar to the many shades muddled below the eye to create an iridescent and ombré effect. If anything, it’s more of a mermaid tail color — which makes me love it all the more!

Below, check out two photos of me wearing the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Peacock. I actually applied a darker gray powder shadow to the outer corners of my eyes in these photos but you can still see the Peacock base shining through:



Next, here are a few pics of me wearing the Copper color. What’s interesting about this shade is how it transforms depending on the light source nearby. In some environments, it resembles a rustic gold hue but, in others, its red undertones truly emerge — just look at the second photo below! And, needless to say, this color has a metallic luster that makes lids glisten beautifully.



I’m obsessed with these new shades! They not only transition excellently from summer to fall, but they should suit all women — regardless of their skin tone or depth. And, as with all Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks, these colors last for months on end, so that each eye pencil is well worth the price tag. This is one caviar dream any woman can afford!

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