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Rock Those Socks! — Introducing The New Santigold x Stance Collection




Consider the lyrics of Santigold’s “Creator,” when she says,”Me, I’m a creator/Thrill is to make it up/The rules I break got me a place/Up on the radar.” Well, she has not only created a unique sound by fusing together reggae, new wave, hip-hop, and synth pop elements, but the Philly-bred musician has also earned acclaim for her complex and nuanced lyrics, as well as for her unique sense of style. Now, she’s lending her creative vision to the design of statement-making socks, part of a collaboration with Stance, a brand that celebrates individuality via colorful, eccentric,  funky socks that are meant to be flaunted — not hidden under long trousers or tucked into tall boots.

The new Santigold x Stance “High Points in History” collection features three unisex designs that celebrate a significant moment, cultural event, or person. Hip-hop lovers will chuckle admiringly when they gaze upon the Santigold x Stance B.D.K. socks ($18 at Stance.com), a tribute to former Juice Crew member and master wordsmith Big Daddy Kane. Illustrated by artist Mike Frank, the socks depict the “Ain’t No Half Steppin'” rapper with his trademark high-top fade and dookie rope chains. The red color chosen for his shirt grabs onlooker’s attention while the high-top haircut extends to the top of the socks for a trompe l’oeil effect.

Another fascinating creation is the Santigold x Stance Egypt and Aliens socks ($18 at Stance.com), which features an alien spaceship hovering over the Great Sphinx of Egypt and neon-colored aliens frolicking through the desert landscape along the pyramids of Giza. This cheeky design references the myth that aliens were responsible for building these elaborate structures in ancient Egypt, a superstition that many try to ground in pseudoscience, claiming that the pyramids’ perfect alignment, the way they point North with such impeccable accuracy, is somehow proof that aliens informed their placement and formation. Always fascinated by alien theories — she also toyed with Martian motifs in her recent makeup collection for Smashbox — Santigold recruited artist Drew Toonz to illustrate this design in a tongue-in-cheek cartoon-like manner.

The third design within the collection, the Santigold x Stance The Chase Socks ($18 at Stance.com) features presumably upper-class British men perched atop horses, donning traditional fox hunting attire: top hats, scarlet-colored coats with golden buttons, white button-down shirts with black ascots, tan-colored breeches, and knee-high riding boots. A pack of hounds can be seen clustered along the bottom of each sock, referencing the dogs that traditionally accompanied fox hunters as they galloped through the countryside in their elegant horses — all in pursuit of their prey. Though this particular motif may seem unorthodox for Santigold, there’s actually a stylistic precedent for the design: her Master of My Make-Believe album cover, which incorporates a framed painting along the backdrop in which the artist is depicted standing next to  horse, donning an elaborate equestrian ensemble.

Together, the three sock designs are meant to offer somewhat of a time-traveling voyage, with pit stops in ancient Egypt, 18th century England, and New York City in the early 1980s. Santi has described the collection as being similar to “the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure of sock design.”

If you’re fond of quirky, kaleidoscopic, story-telling socks, you’ll find this collection — to borrow a phrase from Bill and Ted  — “outstanding!”




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