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Holiday Gift Guide for Chic Cinephiles: Part 7 — Gladiator Glam Gifts Inspired by Olivia Pope

When Olivia Pope says, “It’s handled,” you know your problems are about to evaporate into thin air because as the most formidable fixer on television, the ultimate “gladiator in a suit,” she works day and night to get her job done. She doesn’t “do lost causes or tilt at windmills.” She doesn’t “perform miracles or do the impossible.” She “makes cold calculations about difficult situations,” and she does not take on anything she can’t win because Olivia Pope doesn’t believe in words like “lose.” And, though she hasn’t always made the best choices — especially in her romantic life — Pope still puts on her symbolic “white hat” every day in hopes of bringing justice and order to the world, in hopes of dragging the lost and wayward back into the light. No matter what scandal she tackles for her clients, what new development transpires in the Jake Ballars vs. Fitzgerald Grant love triangle, or what new secret is exposed regarding her dad’s actions in the name of B613 or her mom’s treasonous past, Pope always handles the situation as gracefully as possible — all the while clad in crisp white and gray suits that make every working woman wish for a tour of her closet. Below, you’ll find gift ideas inspired by the woman who encourages those around her to “stand in the light.”


Fendi Double-Faced Wool Cape, $2250. Available at Net-a-Porter.com

Most of us mere mortals steer clear of white separates and outerwear for everyday use, fearing we’ll spill our coffee on these crisp pieces, or that our precious clothes will wind up covered in soot, grime, dust, mud, and dust from taxi cab backseats or subway car seats, soiled city streets, and toxic car exhaust pipes. But then, Olivia Pope is no mere mortal, which is why the woman can wear white while sipping her Shiraz and her Pinot Noir and never  worry about staining her clothes. And hey, who doesn’t want to tap into her inner Olivia Pope? Well, this cape would be the perfect launching pad — after all, Roman gladiators may have worn armor, but Pope & Associates gladiators wear exquisite suits and, in Liv’s case, enviable coats. If Olivia Pope wore this Fendi cape, it would be as iconic as Little Red Riding Hood’s scarlet outerwear — but way more elegant of course! Made of ivory double-faced wool, this elegant cape features slit sides and a clean-cut hem. Pristine and posh, this cape will give any look a pop of “Pope” glamour.


Ariel Gordon Mini Diamond Triad Stud Earrings, $385. Available at ArielGordonJewelry.com

When it comes to her jewelry, Olivia keeps it simple, opting for delicate stud earrings, a watch and occasionally, a dainty, low-hanging, multi-strand necklace. Each of these pyramid-shaped earrings features three 1 pt diamonds, each bezel-set in 14k yellow gold, and then soldered together to create a triangular shape. Measuring 1/8″ in length along their base and 1/8″ in height, these triangular studs add just a bit of shine to earlobes, adding a touch of femininity to the most authoritative ensemble.


Reiss Sapelo Fluid Embellished Top, $180. Available at Reiss.com

When Quinn first met her new employer, minutes after Harrison offered her the gig, Olivia looked her up and down and uttered the words, “Too much cleavage.” See, as gorgeous as she is, Olivia doesn’t rely on her physical appearance to get the job done. Her workplace wardrobe, then, includes plenty of button-down blouses, silk shells, and fluid tops in soft pastel tones or sensible neutrals that convey femininity without revealing too much skin. The ladylike details of these garments — draped necklines, chiffon overlays, glistening buttons, peplum flounces, and tie necks — manage to balance the strength of her well-tailored blazers and pants. This sorbet pink Reiss top, then, would fit perfectly in Pope’s closet. The gold chain-adorned neckline feels opulent in and of itself, but the swath of fabric wrapped around this neckline and the delicate pleats make the design feel more classic and chic.


Jurlique Hydrating Favourites Holiday Kit, $98. Available at Jurlique.com

While detained for his role in the murder of the President’s son, Secret Service agent and B613 operative Tom Larsen spoke to Olivia Pope and commented on her beauty, referring to her as “Helen of Troy” and commenting on “the face that launched a thousand ships.” How does Olivia Pope maintain her radiant skin, her smooth and wrinkle-free complexion, her dewy glow while getting less than five hours of sleep at night? Well, it might be that she relies on Jurlique’s skincare products, which are loaded with hydrating botanical oils and antioxidants. The Jurlique Hydrating Favourites Kit is perfect for women wishing to enjoy healthy and supple skin, to fight visible aging signs, and to add a lit-from-within glow to their countenances. This holiday kit features three of the brand’s best-selling products: a 100ml bottle of the Rosewater Balancing Mist, a 50ml bottle of the Skin Balancing Face Oil, and a 30ml bottle of the Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum.

The emollient-rich Skin Balancing Face Oil incorporates safflower, rose hip, avocado, and macadamia oils, as well as shea butter, to moisturize, soften, and condition the skin while smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles and boosting elasticity. The Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum, meanwhile, helps women fight off skin aging thanks to the brand’s proprietary Naturadiance PB18+ complex, which incorporates safflower seed oil, evening primrose oil, rosemary leaf extract, daisy extract, peach leaf extract, rose extract, chamomile extract, fennel fruit extract, lavender extract, and more. The lightweight, water-based Rosewater Balancing Mist, meanwhile, refreshes and soothes skin while also helping to achieve the ideal moisture levels thanks to a mixture of rose extract, marshmallow root extract, aloe leaf juice, and grapefruit seed extract.





Alexander McQueen Peplum Pleated Top, $1565, and Narrow Bootcut Trousers, $1175. Available at AlexanderMcQueen.com

Though she talks about the “white hats” and the “black hats,” Pope often navigates through murky moral and legal territory where right and wrong — not to mention good and bad — are rarely easily discernible. Perhaps because of that — or maybe just because she looks amazing in the hue — Pope loves to flaunt perfectly tailored gray suits. These separates would look remarkable on any power player like Olivia. Both the trousers and the top feature an understated plaid “Prince of Wales” pattern that’s traditional and prim, but they’re made modern via their exquisite tailoring. Olivia Pope loves a flirty peplum flounce, so she’d feel powerful but feminine in this sleeveless peplum pleated top. The trousers, meanwhile, fit narrowly along the hips and then flare out beautifully.


Casadei Daytime Pumps, $690. Available at US.Casadei.com

Given her penchant for neutrals — white, ecru, khaki, heather gray, pastel peach, charcoal, dusty pink, and steel blue shades — nude-colored pumps are of the essence. And since Olivia Pope is way too fierce for wimpy kitten heels, she prefers sky-high platform pumps like these pointy-toed Casadei ones, which feature nude patent leather uppers and the design house’s iconic “Blade”  golden lacquered heel, measuring 3.1″ in height.


Elisabeth Bell Quail Ring, $475. Available at ElisabethBellJewelry.com

When Kerry Washington attended the BET Awards in June, she wore this dainty Elisabeth Quail ring, even sharing a photo of the piece on Instagram. Washington’s TV alter-ego, Olivia Pope, would also adore this trinket, made of 14k gold and meant to resemble the look of a quail bone — down to the scratches, porous openings, and the joint-like ends, each of which is adorned with an unrefined, rugged, raw diamond stone. According to jewelry designer Bell, the quail represents nourishment of the soul, making this piece all the more special on a symbolic level.


Tory Burch Jess Convertible Jacket, $595. Available at ToryBurch.com

In September 2013, Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo spoke to Cosmopolitan about her fondness for capes and her desire to dress Olivia in masterful McQueen and Dior capes. Sure enough, in the February 2014 “Mama Said Knock You Out” episode, Olivia Pope wore a black Dolce & Gabbana coat and knocked us all out. This Tory Burch Jess Convertible Jacket would floor any Pope fashion follower since it incorporates the classic fit of a blazer — down to the rounded,notched collar — and the drama of a draped cape. Best of all, this piece is extra versatile as the capelet element can be detached by unfastening a few snaps.


Rebecca Taylor Crepe Top with Cut Out, $225. Available at RebeccaTaylor.com

Pope wore this deep cornflower blue shade in Season 1’s “Crash and Burn” episode and the blouse’s silhouette fits perfectly within Pope’s aesthetic paradigm. The layered, semi-sheer rayon fabric creates a diaphanous effect, while the gentle pleats extending from the neckline down to the hemline add a graceful, Grecian vibe to the design. A center cut-out detail, meanwhile, infuses a hint of playfulness without bordering on being provocative.


The Limited Scandal Collection Liv Flare Leg Trouser Pants, $79.90. Available at TheLimited.com

No one can rock a pair of gray slacks quite like Olivia which is why, when Scandal‘s costume designer Lyn Paolo designed a collection for The Limited inspired by the TV character, she made sure to include a few trouser options that gladiators-in-the-making could snatch up. The Liv trousers, shown here, sit below the waist and feature a slightly more relaxed fit along the hips and thighs, yielding an updated fit-and-flare shape without verging into wide leg pant territory. The pinstriped motif nods to traditional male suiting motifs, while the silhouette makes the pants undeniably feminine.



Baume et Mercier Promesse 10177 watch, $2850. Available at Baume-et-mercier.com

The gold-toned chain-link watch Olivia has been wearing since Season 1 is perfectly functional, but it’s time for her to give her wrist a real treat, and this luxurious Baume et Mercier timepiece would be the perfect way to indulge.  Time is always a factor in Olivia’s line of work, so she deserves only the most accurate, reliable, and chic of watches to keep count of the seconds until her next courtroom appearance, the time left until the DA’s office gets an arrest warrant for her client, the seconds until her latest press conference, and so forth. The Swiss-made Baume et Mercier Promesse 10177 features a reliable quartz movement and is water resistant up to 5 ATM, so that she could ostensibly keep it on while going on one of her swims. The silver-colored drapé guilloché and diamond-set dial, meanwhile, feels positively regal, while the white satin strap will harmonize beautifully with Liv’s many pearl, ivory, snow, and ecru suits.


Elie Saab Limited Edition  L’Edition Or Eau de Parfum, $124. Available at Neiman Marcus stores nationwide.

For the holiday season, fashion designer Elie Saab gave his namesake fragrance a brand new party dress: a resplendent bottle that shines like the most precious gem. The Elie Saab L’Edition Or EDP is packaged in the very same faceted bottle as the original fragrance, but clever details differentiate the two. The juice inside the bottle, for one, has a yellow gold tint to it as opposed to the traditional rose gold shade, while the neck is a golden hue rather than a silver-toned color. Similarly, the L’Edition Or perfume comes in a satiny golden box instead of the typical light pink box. These tiny design details make the fragrance feel like it’s better prepared for the glitz and glamour of the holiday season — particularly since there’s even greater emphasis on the bottle capturing and reflecting oncoming light. And, given all of Olivia Pope’s speeches about stepping into the light, she’d certainly appreciate this glamorous makeover. As for the scent itself, it boasts the same composition as the original EDP, which itself epitomizes confident femininity and effortless elegance via an orange blossom top note, a romantic jasmine heart blended with patchouli, and woody cedar and honey rose base notes that perfectly balance out the white floral middle notes.


Portolano Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves, $140. Available at BergdorfGoodman.com

There’s an unforgettable moment in Season 2’s “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” episode when Olivia visits David’s residence to examine the damage (i.e. the murdered woman in his bed) and figure out how to defend him against being framed for murder, and she does so while clad in a dashing light gray coat with 3/4-length, bell-shaped sleeves, and a belted waist, her arms covered by opera-length, white leather gloves. In that single moment, Olivia brought leather gloves back into style. Then, in “Boom Goes the Dynamite,” she accessorized a short-sleeved bouclé jacket with gray opera-length gloves. You might remember her sitting on the steps of a DC memorial building, chatting with Jake Ballard on their first unofficial date and cradling a glass of wine in her gloved hand. Any Pope style fan, then, can jazz up her fall and winter wardrobe with luxurious leather gloves like these cashmere-lined, Italian leather calfskin Portolano gloves.


Reiss Emile Sharply Tailored Lilac Coat, $615. Available at Reiss.com

The dusty pink robe coat Pope flaunted in Season 1 mobilized fashionistas everywhere, so imagine the frenzy that would ensure if she donned this lilac-colored Reiss number. The whisper soft nature of the color makes the piece intrinsically feminine while the military-esque stand-up collar adds a boldness to the design. The undulating edge of the front panel, meanwhile, perfectly balances strength and fragility.


L’Occitane Shea Embrace Holiday 2014 Gift Set, $70. Available at USA.LOccitane.com

Whether she’s sneaking in an afternoon delight with Fitz or cavorting on a Caribbean beach with Jake, every time Pope reveals even a bit of flesh, her skin is firm, smooth, and radiant (which clearly only makes her more irresistible to the two men vying — nay, fighting — for her affection). To keep skin moisturized from head to toe, women can turn to L’Occitane’s awe-inducing shea butter products. Formulated with shea butter harvested by a cooperative of women in Burkina Faso, all of these products help to condition, fortify, and soften the skin thanks to their main ingredient’s concentration of fatty acids.

This Holiday 2014 set, which comes pre-wrapped in an artistic box, contains the following: a 5.2 oz. tube of Shea Butter Hand Cream, a non-greasy hand cream with a concentration of 20% shea butter and honey, almond, and coconut oil extracts; a 5.2 oz. tube of  Shea Butter Foot Cream, which features a 15% shea butter concentration, along with purifying lavender oil and inflammation-reducing arnica extract and rosemary oil; a 3.4 oz. tin containing L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream, which boasts a 25% concentration of shea butter along with softening apricot oil and replenishing, moisture-retaining ingredients like sweet almond oil, honey, and marshmallow extract;  a 3.5 oz. Shea Butter Milk Extra-Gentle Soap, designed to cleanse the skin while preserving its natural moisture balance; and a 10 fl. oz. bottle of the Shea Butter Ultra Rich Hand & Body Wash, a pearlescent liquid that foams ever so gently, cleaning hands while soothing them with oat milk and replenishing moisture via a 5% concentration of shea butter.




Lauren Ralph Lauren Illusion Two-Row Necklace, $68. Available at Bloomingdales.com

All through Season 1, Olivia Pope accessorized her power suits with understated multi-strand necklaces that hung down well past her décolletage so as to add a hint of ladylike elegance without feeling provocative, gaudy, or flashy. This silver-toned Lauren Ralph Lauren necklace measures 36″ in length and features pavé crystal stations and imitations pearls that dazzle when the light hits them, making it perfect for achieving a Pope-approved look.


MaxMara Cashmere Coat. Call Call +39 02-23345 341 for price info.

Kerry Washington basically single-handedly brought back robe coats after wearing a dusty pink Ferragamo number with an oversized shawl collar and a self-tie belt in Season 1. In fact, when costume designer Lyn Paolo designed the Scandal-inspired clothing collection for The Limited this year, she made sure to include a robe coat — a smart move as it sold out in record time. Sure, this double cashmere MaxMara coat is more of an investment piece (and that means the price tag reflects this reality), but it’s the type of piece that will be used for decades to come. A muted camel shade, this coat features a shawl neckline and kimono sleeves, as well as side pockets and a belt fastening.


Prada Flap Bag in Marble, $4300. Available at Fendi.com

Slouchy hobo bags and fringed numbers wouldn’t channel the energy Pope wishes to convey to her clients, associates, and colleagues: authoritative, decisive, assertive, and always in control. Structured handbags, then, are as much a testament of her aesthetic preferences as they are a component of her professional persona. Throughout the years, Pope has favored luxurious Prada satchels in muted hues, and this luxe calf leather briefcase-inspired piece would make her swoon. Measuring 13.7″ in length,  12.2″ in height, and 7″ in width, this minimalist wonder features a single handle and a front flap with two snap-lock closures along the sides and decorative buckled leather straps placed between these closures so as to adorn the center of the flap.





Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette, $29. Available at UrbanDecay.com and Sephora.com

Olivia Pope wears her makeup — it doesn’t wear her. And, as with her taste in clothing, she favors muted neutral eye shadows that accentuate her natural beauty, emphasizing her wide, almond-shaped eyes and fluttery eye lashes, but which don’t scream, “Look at me!” Glitter-packed shadows or pigment-saturated brights wouldn’t be appropriate for boardrooms and offices on Capitol Hill, so Pope’s makeup calculations are as wise as her crisis management strategies. To achieve a makeup look that’s as subtle and demure as Olivia’s, women can turn to the Naked2 Basics eye shadow palette, which contains six never-before-seen neutral shades. As with its predecessors, this palette contains mainly matte shades, but it does feature a single shadow with a satin finish that’s perfect for highlighting the inner corners of eyes, the brow bone, and so forth. And, while the first Naked Basics palette tended to favor women with warm or neutral skin tones, this one features cooler shades that will flatter all women —whether they have fair skin with cool undertones, olive complexions, or dark chocolate skin.

All of the shades in the Naked2 Basics palette have a velvety soft feel and they glide on the skin exquisitely, plus they’re easy to blend, buff, and layer. The six shades in the palette are: Skimp, a pale, pearlescent champagne nude shade with a satin finish; Stark, a matte peachy nude shade; Frisk, a subtle, warm, matte taupe gray; Cover, a cocoa-esque, reddish matte brown; Primal, a mushroom-esque, gray-tinged brown with a matte finish; and Undone, a smoky, deep, near-black brown.

Check out swatches of all six shadows below:



Amazing, aren’t they? The eye shadow palette may be called Naked2 Basics but any woman who wears these shades will feel anything but basic!


Emporio Armani Single-Breasted Jacket in Cady, $672. Available at Armani.com

Dress whites are an everyday occurrence for Olivia Pope, the soldier of justice, the head gladiator. Whether defending Quinn Perkins in Season 2’s “White Hat’s Off” episode, exposing the government’s top-secret NSA Thorngate program in “Hunting Season,” and coping with the fallout from the election-rigging Defiance ploy in “Truth or Consequences,” Liv did so in architectural white pantsuits. This crêpe blazer features all of the qualities Olivia covets: it’s perfectly tailored, features a textural juxtaposition via the satin-like finish of the collar, and has an unexpected design detail in the form of a single, onyx-colored button.


Elisabeth Bell Prehistoric Stingray Earrings, $675. Available at ElisabethBellJewelry.com

Measuring 1/2″ in length, these glitzy earrings are cast from fossilized stingray barbs and feature spiky edges and a vertical row of diamonds along their polished center, nestled in between these pronged sides.  According to Bell, the stingray represents balance, tenacity, grace and elegance — all qualities that Pope possesses.


Knot Stud Earrings, $37.50. Available at BlueNile.com

She wore gold-toned, ball-shaped, shiny studs throughout Season 1, so Olivia Pope would certainly appreciate the delicacy of these earrings. But ball studs are so 2012! These earrings modernize the motif via a knot design that mixes yellow gold vermeil strips with a high polish finish and  gold vermeil strips with a dotted, rope-like texture, intertwining them to create the twisted look.


Brancott Estate Letter Series “T” Marlborough Pinot Noir 2012, $32. Visit BrancottEstate.com to find a retailer near you.

When it comes to her red wines, Olivia Pope has a soft spot for Shiraz, which is derived from the grape Syrah, which is mostly grown in Australia. Given this detail, she’d probably swoon over this Pinot Noir, made from grapes sourced from vineyards in Marlborough.  This particular vintage features succulent blackberry and plum notes, along with a touch of cinnamon spice, creating a robust flavor that’s a perfect balance of fruitiness and earthiness.


Ren Holiday 2014 Radiance Gift Set, $55. Available at RenSkincare.com

When skin starts looking dull and lifeless, look to Ren for a rapid resuscitation. The Radiance Gift Set, new for Holiday 2014, features four of the brand’s near-miraculous, glow-restoring products — all packaged in a reusable, tangerine-colored tin box adorned with an illustration of a crane, a fitting motif given that this creature is a symbol of eternal youth throughout Asia. This beautiful set includes the following products: a 30 ml Micro Polish Cleanser tube; a 50ml bottle of the Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask; a 15ml tube of the Satin Perfection BB Cream Sunscreen, and a packet with 3ml of the Resurfacing AHA Concentrate. The star product in this kit (which once you try, you’ll consider a life saver) is the Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask, a citrus-scented mask that leaves skin looking brighter and healthier and which prompts exfoliation and cellular turnover thanks to AHA-rich papaya extract along with lemon, passionfruit, grape, and pineapple extracts. Together, however, these products work wonders in giving even the most tired-looking complexion an enviable glow. The Ren Mico Polish Cleanser, for one,contains glycolic acid derived from pineapple extract to unclog pores and slough away dead surface skin cells, while  papain from papaya extract exfoliates the skin and reduces inflammation, and amber microbeads gently refine and smooth the skin’s surface. To make your “beauty sleep” (however limited) all the more efficient, you can apply the Ren Resurfacing AHA Concentrate before bed. Thanks to a complex that incorporates glycolic, lactic, tartaric and citric acids , this power-packed product promotes cellular turnover as you snooze so you can awaken to radiant skin.


BCBGMAXAZRIA Jeanne Pleated Chiffon Overlay Top, $94.80. Available at BCBG.com

This light blue shade would look stunning on Olivia — especially when paired with beautifully tailored gray or white slacks. The polyester georgette top features a body-skimming bodice that shows off a woman’s curves, but the pleated overlay at the yoke and the flutter sleeves add a sense of romance and an airy lightness.



Lancôme Lip Lover Set, $38. Available at Sephora.com

Most of the time, Olivia favors a muted, barely-there lip with a hint of shine over a bold, bright pout. But when she’s attending special events like fund-raising galas, she’ll up the ante like she did in Season 2’s “Boom Goes the Dynamite” episode, during which she wore a stunning black-and0white Escada gown and complemented the look with side-swept hair, soft waves, and a rosy pink lip. This Lancôme set, then, would have Pope-like divas covered regardless of their destination — whether it was the office, a black tie event, a cocktail party, or dinner with their significant others. The sleek boxed set, which exudes Art Deco glamour thanks to the mirrored silver and stark black color scheme, contains three miniature 0.10 oz. Lancôme Lip Lover shades, all of which deliver long-lasting color while keeping lips hydrated for hours at a time. The trio of shades in this set is: 316, a warm honeysuckle pink; 337, a bright fuchsia pink; and 355, a full-bodied red with blue undertones.


Given it’s mistletoe season, this trio will have any gal ready for a quick smooch — or a passionate Fitz-and-Olivia kiss-a-thon!


Theory Gentalla Top in Double Georgette, $225. Available at Theory.com

This ethereal silk georgette blouse features office-ready fitted long sleeves with traditional cuffs, a subtle rounded neckline, and a button-up placket, but the soft color, the feather weight of the fabric, and the fabric overlay along the bodice all create an exquisite fragility, a softness to balance the otherwise clean lines.


Camille 23 oz. Red Wine Glass. Available at CrateandBarrel.com

Nothing relaxes Olivia after a grueling, soul-crushing, mind-boggling day — whether it involved finding out her mom is both alive and a wanted terrorist, facing off against her puppet-master B613 leader father, or fixing the latest political scandal — like a nice glass of red wine. On the show, Olivia often nurses the very Camille wine glass shown above, which can holds 23 oz. of liquid. Handcrafted in Slovakia, each wine glass features an elongated stem measuring 10. 25″ in height and a bubble-shaped bowl measuring 4.25″ in diameter that allows wines to breathe.


Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia Satchel, $2250. Available at Shop.Nordstrom.com

Minimalism and elegance converge in this Ferragamo handbag, made of supple leather in a sophisticated greige shade. The Gacini-cinched side gussets lend the piece a structural, architectural feel, while the rolled top carry handle and the gold-toned flip-lock closure on the front flap feel refined, luxe, and timeless.


Chloé Draped Silk-Georgette Top, $895. Available at Net-a-Porter.com

One glimpse at Pope’s wardrobe will reveal that, when it comes to her blouses, she prefers silky ones with draped necklines. This 100% silk Chloé top, then, would be right up her alley, as would be the perky but demure salmon pink hue.


iris-and-ink-waterfall-cardigan-theoutnetIris & Ink Cashmere Waterfall Cardigan, $88. Available at TheOutnet.com

Even when lounging on her couch, eating popcorn and sipping red wine, Pope does so in crisp whites. This lightweight cashmere Iris & Ink cardigan would keep her warm and cozy, while the draped open front would give her off-duty look a sense of ease and fluidity.


Rag & Bone Floppy Brim Wool Felt Fedora Hat, $195. Available at NeimanMarcus.com

It may not be the Louise Green fedora David gifted to her at the end of Season 1, but this white hat would certainly suit Olivia. Made of wool felt, this Rag & Bone fedora features a pinched crown, floppy brim, and a slim, espresso-colored, calfskin leather band encircling the base of the crown.


Stuart Weitzman Queen Mist Suede Pump, $375. Available at StuartWeitzman.com

The perfect way to finish a professional ensemble involving tailored cigarette trousers or wide leg pants, these ash gray suede pumps feature 4 1/2″-tall heels that will  streamline any look and add a hint of sex appeal.


Emporio Armani Long Coat, $1234. Available at BySymphony.com

Pope’s penchant for jaw-dropping coats was apparent since Scandal‘s pilot episode, when she sashayed into a room filled with Ukranian mobsters carrying a suitcase with $3 million while wearing a white Tory Burch trench coat. This crisp, double-breasted, wool-blend Armani coat features a flattering A-line silhouette, two front welt pockets, and a notched collar — all of which would turn as many heads as that now-iconic Tory Burch number.


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