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USL by Uslu Airlines Flies High With New Nail Polish Shades Available Exclusively At J. Crew


usl-airlines-for-j-crew-bel-nail-polish Uslu Airlines will not subject you to seemingly endless layovers, delay your scheduled arrival time, or force you to place your seat in an upright position. It won’t even charge you for a ticket or force you to go through airport security. See, Uslu Airlines isn’t an airline at all. The Berlin-based beauty company takes its fans on a different kind of flight — a voyage of self-expression — through its lipstick and nail polish offerings, all of which feature three-letter names that reference specific airports (for instance, ORD for O’Hare International Airport in Chicago or LAX for Los Angeles International Airport). The airline motifs and aviation code details, then, simply symbolize the first-class, high-flying, Top Gun flair of this innovative brand. Jet-setters and trendsetters will be happy to know, then, that they can pick two unique USL by Uslu Airlines “destinations” (read: nail polishes) that have landed exclusively at J.Crew for the holiday season.

The two limited edition USL by Uslu Airlines nail lacquer shades available at J. Crew for the holidays are KBJ, a creamy red inspired by Australia’s King Canyon, and BEL, a glitzy and shimmering polish inspired by Val des Cans, Brazil. Each of the KBJ and BEL nail lacquers retail for $12 each at JCrew.com.  Your in-flight entertainment? Brushing the festive colors onto your nails. The landing? Nice and smooth. The destinations? Stunning

Both of these shades feature 5-free formulas (meaning they contain no formaldehyde, toulene, dibutyl phtalate, camphor, or formaldehyde resin)  and contain an undercoat to strengthen nails and protect them from being stained. And, given the timing of their release, it’s only logical that they be blithe, boisterous, and magical. The USL by Uslu Airlines KBJ nail lacquer, then, is a cheerful red reminiscent of holly berries and it has a creamy, non-clumpy formula, as well as a glossy sheen that makes nails look like they’ve been glazed. The USL by Uslu Airlines BEL nail lacquer, meanwhile features yellow gold hexagon-shaped glitter specks suspended in a clear base. This shimmering polish can be worn by itself and layered to achieve the desired amount of coverage or it can be flaunted as a top coat for a bolder statement.

Below, check out photos of that both of these polishes look like on nails!

USL by Uslu Airlines KBJ Nail Polish



I must own over 30 red nail lacquers, but I still swoon when I discover a really great classic rouge. The USL by Uslu Airlines KBJ nail polish exudes a sense of joy thanks to its holly red coloring and deliciously creamy texture. Every time I look at it, I think of Santa Claus suits, oversize velvet bows, Rudolph’s glowing nose, poinsettia arrangements, and holly-adorned wreaths and garlands. In other words, it’s Christmas in a skinny, sleek bottle!

USL by Uslu Airlines BEL Nail Polish



Imagine harnessing all the dynamic energy and festive flamboyance of samba dancers’ costumes during Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and bottling it up. That’s the amount of ebullience and vivacity exuded by the USL by Uslu Airlines BEL nail polish. Perfect for the season of shiny ornaments,  twinkling string lights, sequined dresses, and gifts wrapped in glittery paper, the BEL polish consists of gold hexagonal glitter bits suspended in a clear base. So what sets this lacquer apart from the hundreds of other special effect top coats on the mani circuit? Well, for one, the glitter is rather large, and it boasts a mirrored golden sheen that feels almost Art Deco in its decadence. Similarly, rather than having a completely flat surface, each piece of hexagonal glitter is slightly beveled, and these tiny ridges better facilitate the reflection of oncoming light for a truly hypnotic effect.

Since this lacquer has a clear base, you can layer it over the KBJ polish, as I did in the photo above. In these pictures, I applied three layers of the top coat, making sure to press the brush down on the nail bed so that the glitter would better adhere to the surface. To my delight, the nail polish didn’t clump despite the multiple coats (typically a pitfall with glittery topcoats) and the glitter didn’t flake right off as I went about my day. I expected it to be like caviar pearls, which look fantastic for a short period of time and then start scattering everywhere, but that wasn’t the case at all! This chunky mirrored glitter was locked in place!

Now, if you choose to wear the BEL nail lacquer on bare nails, it will take 4-5 coats to achieve near complete coverage and, while there will be some sparse areas due to the clear base, these create a negative space on the nail surface that’s actually quite refreshing. You can also consider the many ways in which you might customize a mani using the BEL as a top coat — capping nails with a glittery tip, color-blocking each nail, painting a single nail with the metallic lacquer, and so forth.

Get ready for a turbulence-free flight of fancy!

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