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Wishful Polishing — Mani Dreams Come True With New Zoya Holiday 2014 “Wishes” Nail Lacquer Collection



No need to wish upon a star in order to enjoy perfectly polished nails in show-stopping hues. This Holiday season, Zoya has you covered with its six-piece Wishes collection of nail lacquers, which contains two high-shine metallics, a richly pigmented cream color, and three PixieDust polishes that emphasize a sandy, rugged texture and feature a matte finish with encrusted holographic glitter. The Zoya Wishes Fall/Holiday 2014 collection includes the following shades: Prim, a metallic lacquer that’s described as a velvet blue but which I find more closely resembles a periwinkle shade with a touch of violet; Haven, a densely pigmented metallic plum shade with both red and purple undertones; Willa, an onyx black cream color that offers full coverage and looks almost witch-y in its intensity; Nori, a new sapphire blue PixieDust shade with holographic, chunky, hexagonal glitter bits; Thea, a PixieDust shade that has an amethyst purple base but incorporates red glitter for a plum-like effect and larger bits of violet and orchid hexagonal glitter that create an otherworldly, interstellar effect; and Imogen, a new black PixieDust shade that features a graphite-like black crystal backdrop and a healthy dose of hexagonal holographic glitter for a sci-fi feel. All three non-PixieDust lacquers retail for $9 each while the PixieDust polishes go for $10 a pop at Zoya.com.

It’s refreshing to see a holiday collection that incorporates the magical feel, shine, and shimmer we seek during this time of the year, but which doesn’t rely too heavily on the traditional red, gold, and green color schemes. Another plus: all of these lacquers can transition from Holiday to Spring, Summer, Fall and beyond. As for the colors, there’s simply no resisting Prim and Thea. They’re like blinking stars on a Christmas tree that you want to spend hours admiring in awe-like fascination.

Check out swatches of all the nail lacquers in the collection below!




Perhaps it’s because I live in a house filled with video game-obsessed, sci-fi loving boys, but this color reminds me of two things: Megaman, the video game character that was re-introduced for the new Wii U Super Smash Bros. game, and the firefly scene in James Cameron’s Avatar. This color then, has an amethyst blue base with a matte finish and a gravelly, almost sandy texture, but this backdrop is amped up via tons of cyan blue and turquoise glitter, as well as larger, hexagonal glitter particles that create a holographic effect.




This Magical PixieDust shade nods to the classic sugar plum candies that abound during the holiday season, but it does so in a truly modern and innovative way. Thea features a deep amethyst purple base that, in keeping with all PixieDust formulas, has a matte finish, but it’s the bells and whistles that make the lacquer remarkable. See, that deep purple hue is encrusted with tiny specks of metallic red glitter and topped off with hexagonal glitter particles in metallic violet and orchid shades. The contrast between the matte, sandpaper-like, rough PixieDust texture and the sparkle created by the glitter — not to mention the fantastical holographic glitter bits — is as fascinating as it is fashionable.




Like a starry night, a voyage into the cosmos, this Magical PixieDust lacquer twinkles and titillates. The lacquer features a matte black backdrop that looks almost like a lump of unrefined coal. This black shade, however, is merely the backdrop for the theatrical performance created by the special effects in the formula. These, of course, include an abundance of silver-toned glitter to create an almost crystal-like appearance and loads of holographic hex glitter for an out-of-this world iridescence. If you look at clusters of stars through a telescope, they’ll look much like this awe-inspiring polish!



Moving on to the non-PixieDust shades, the Belle of the Ball in this collection is Prim, a positively enchanting  periwinkle blue hue with soft violet tones and a high-shine metallic sheen. It’s the type of shade you’d find in the backdrop of a Prince video — and, as a die-hard fan of the man who once changed his name to a gender-less symbol, I mean that in the best possible way! Two coats offer full coverage (as you’ll see from the photos above) and the metallic finish has this gorgeous sheen that feels like it belongs on a luxury vehicle’s exterior. But that’s not all: Prim’s formula is almost buttery, so that it glides onto nails easily and makes the application process all the more fluid.




This fully opaque nail lacquer can be described as a metallic holiday plum hue, combining both purple and red tones then incorporating a thin vein of orchid for an unexpected twist. The color is, of course, heavily influenced by seasonal traditions (sugar plum fairies, anyone?), but the interpretation is not so literal as to make the shade feel anchored to this time of year (meaning it can be work year-round).




If this shade looks familiar, it’s because it was originally revealed during the Zang Toi SS15 show during New York Fashion Week (it was then dubbed “Black Swan”). This cream color is Zoya’s blackest shade to date, resembling a glossy onyx stone. The intensity of the color and the slick quality of the finish will make this a surefire winner among biker chic gals, urban fashionistas, goth style lovers, and anyone with a bit of a thrill-seeking edge.

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