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All About The Bass — And The Face — With New Meghan Trainor-Designed Clinique Makeup Bag


Our lips are movin’ but we’re not lying about the cuteness of the makeup bag Meghan Trainor designed for Clinique (shown above). The saucy “All About The Bass” singer teamed up with the skincare and makeup brand to design an adorable zip-up pouch inspired by the look of her “Lips Are Movin'” video.

If you’ve seen the music video, then you might remember it starts with her spray-painting an old-school microphone a bold red hue, and then it cuts to a scene of her singing into this microphone, wearing a cropped leather jacket, graphic T-shirt, a black fit-and-flare skirt, and trompe l’oeil black stocking, presumably filming a video (yes, the video-within-a-video set-up) while standing atop  yellow stage, cameras and lights all along the perimeter of the sound stage, Next, we see Meghan surrounded by dancers, swaying her hips from side to side while standing in front of a backdrop featuring turquoise-and-white horizontal  stripes and a huge illustration of an open mouth, the lips painted a candy red shade. Yet in an another scene, Meghan rocks a black-and-white herringbone print crop top and matching skater skirt while wearing earrings that showcase the same lip iconography seen previously on the striped backdrop.

When designing a makeup bag for Clinique, then, Meghan thought it was only fitting to incorporate some of the visuals from her hit song’s video. The result is a limited-edition canvas bag with blue-and-white horizontal stripes and a re-imagined version of the lip motif — this time featuring a closed mouth (since, in the song, she tells a boy that she knows he’s lying “because his lips are moving,” she presumably chose a closed mouth that could spin no tall tales) and a duo-toned look, with the top lip painted a bright fuchsia and the bottom one coated in the red shade seen in the video. Adding to the Pop Art-esque feel of the design, a speech bubble is positioned atop the lips, the word “Clinique”  positioned within it.

The adorable makeup bag is free with any $30 purchase at Clinique.com — just make sure to enter the code LIPBAG at checkout.

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