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New Adidas StellaSport Collection Leaps And Bounces Into Topshop!












When it comes to foreseeing the explosive interest in activewear and, moreover, in performance clothing that could transition from the gym to the street, Stella McCartney held the magic crystal ball first, carving out a special place within the fashion landscape in which fitness and style could co-exist. Her collaboration with Adidas is going on its 10th year, with the Adidas by Stella McCartney collection now incorporating everything from convertible running anoraks to cycling jerseys and shorts, tennis bags, swimming-ready rashguards, printed training leggings, seamless yoga tanks, tennis dresses, and skiing coats. Given the success of this particular brand marriage, it only made sense that they’d want to expand their family, giving birth to a new line: Adidas StellaSport. So what makes StellaSport different from Adidas by Stella McCartney? Well, the emphasis here is on approaching performance-ready gear from an athetlicism-to-athleisure angle, offering bold separates that can be mixed and matched to create both gym- and street-ready looks.

The StellaSport line just launched on Adidas.com and Topshop.com, and it features sports bras, leggings, sports tanks, printed hoodies, and zip-up jackets in splashy shades like  Mandarin red, royal blue, honeysuckle pink, aubergine, neon green, and coral.

Take, for instance, the Adidas StellaSport Sport Tank Top ($60 at US.Topshop.com), shown above at top, which  features a color-blocked pink-and-black design with branded strips along the side panels. For a matchy-matchy look that will take the geometric theme a step further, the form-fitting tank (made of 82% polyester and 18% elastane) can be worn with the Adidas StellaSport 3/4 Leggings ($68 at US.Topshop.com), which feature bright pink along the center panels and a darker mulberry color along the waistline and upper thighs, as well as the cuffs, for a stark contrast.

When it’s time to leave the gym and meet up with friends for coffee or a green smoothie, you can slip on the pale gray Adidas StellaSport Printed Sweater ($95 at US.Topshop.com), shown third above, and add some fun accessories like a baseball cap or wedge sneakers.

Women who jog outdoors (or who just prefer more coverage from the chilly air during this time of year) can rely on the Adidas StellaSport 7/8 Leggings ($75 at US.Topshop.com), shown third from last above, which come in a bold electric blue shade with diagonal green stripes along the knees and vertical stripes in white along the sides, the intersecting linear components adding a modern and dynamic touch. These moisture-wicking pants can, in turn, be paired with such tops as the loose-fitting white Adidas StellaSport Cotton Tank Top ($52 at US.Topshop.com), pictured eighth above, or the Adidas StellaSport Mesh Tank Top ($60 at US.Topshop.com), a basketball jersey-inspired piece with a blue mesh construction along the front panel and solid cotton along the white racerback-style back panel. To take your look to the street, toss on the Adidas StellaSport Sport Mesh Hoodie ($68 at US.Topshop.com), pictured seventh above, a white cap-sleeved hoodie with a mesh back for greater breathability (and a visual pop) and a drawstring detail at the collar.Other splashy pieces include the Adidas StellaSport Sport Tank ($60 at Us.Topshop.com), pictured fourth above, which features an abstract striped motif that juxtaposes a neon coral hue against a silver gray shade. Even the sports bras in the collection feature modern color-blocked motifs that make them border on crop top status — just look at the the Adidas StellaSport Sports Bra ($52 at US.Topshop.com) shown above, next to last, and imagine rocking it with a high-waisted tennis skirt and playful varsity jacket.

Speaking of varsity jackets, the collection includes an interesting take on this classic outer layer: the red Adidas StellaSport Bomber Jacket ($115 at US.Topshop.com). At first glance, the color scheme might remind you of Sue Sylvester’s signature track jacket on Glee but, if you can get past that reference point, you might be delighted by some of the piece’s subtle but modern design elements. The white contrast stripes along the collar feel nostalgic, as does the shape of the collar, but the white side panels add the geometric liveliness that typifies the entire collection. Perhaps most interesting is the textural tension created through the use of a glossy, leather-like panel along the back of the jacket, a move that pays homage to the leather bomber jackets beloved by pilots and rebels alike, thereby making this feel like a true varsity/bomber hybrid.

Perhaps the one major misstep in the collection is the Adidas StellaSport Sport Onesie ($95 at Us.Topshop.com), a color-blocked unitard that can’t possible do any woman’s figure any favors — unless, that is, her stage name is P¡nk and she’s performing an aerial routine involving trapezes, ropes, and bungee cords.

Overall, the StellaSport collection isn’t revolutionary, but it rings true to the Stella McCartney and Adidas brands and exudes a certain playful youthfulness through the color choices and color-blocking techniques.





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