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Would You Dare To Wear These Naughty Undies?





With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you might be looking to spruce up that lingerie drawer and escape from a dreadful rut of white, black, and powder pastel-colored cotton granny panties. But you don’t necessarily need to spend hundreds of hard-earned dollars on high-end French lace bras and matching thong to add an element of surprise to your undergarment repertoire. In fact, you can stick to comfortable and breathable cotton knickers and still titillate in the bedroom — all it takes is graphic prints that show your irreverent and saucy side and, in turn, will make your lover smile and nod approvingly. Think of the moment when Cameron Diaz shook her booty while rocking a pair of Spider-Man briefs in Charlie’s Angels — it was a simultaneously playful, adorable, and sexy moment.

To reenact that iconic Natalie-doing0-the-undies-dance moment, consider scooping up a pair of Naja‘s Naughty Knickers ($18 each at Naja.co). These mid-rise briefs sit just above the hip bone and are fabricated out of 94% Peruvian pima cotton and 6% elastane for a bit of stretch. But what makes these bottoms so quirky are the graphics emblazoned along the front, which function as visual forms of sexual innuendo and mischievous double-entendres.

Naja, of course, highlights the racy sub-context of these graphics through the names given to each style.  Take, for instance, the “Lucky Me” knickers ($18 at Naja.com), which feature a fortune cookie along the crotch area. a strip of paper peeks out from the side of the folded treat, beckoning the onlooker to read his fortune, which in turn promises,  “Everything You Need Is Already Inside.” Talk about an invitation!

Even more audacious innuendos accompany the styles “Shake It” and “Lick,” the former featuring a milkshake with a cherry on top right along the crotch (presumably it brings the boys to the yard, if you will!), and the latter featuring a vanilla-and-chocolate swirl soft serve ice cream cone with the word “Go” stamped on the top edge of the waffle cone (the go-downtown-now message is far from subtle here!).

If, meanwhile, you like to keep things natural in your Netherlands region (meaning Brazilian waxes and baldies just aren’t your cup of tea), you might giggle at the sight of the “Bush” knickers, which depict a rather dense forest area.

These undies may not be the stuff of vampy seductresses, but they do convey something that’s always sexy: a sense of humor!

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