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A Refreshing Take On “Tribal” Beauty At SUNO Fall 2015 Show






Both the Maybelline makeup and Kenra Professional hairstyling teams described the beauty look for the SUNO Fall 2015 show as having tribal overtones, but there was a subtlety in their execution that emphasized a mood, a state of mind, rather than underlining a sociocultural group or overtly referencing a specific population or geographic locale.

Makeup artist Alice Lane, who led the Maybelline team backstage, described the look as graphic and painterly, emphasizing the notion of makeup as an accessory, as a deliberately attention-grabbing adornment. To accomplish this feat, Lane relied on the wide-tipped Maybelline Master Graphic liner and drew a wide line across the outer half of the eyelid, replacing the traditional wingtip or elongated cat’s eye at the outer corners with a thick and assured dash. To give the eye look even greater confidence, Lane thickened brows and filled in any gaps with the Maybelline Brow Drama tinted brow mousse. The rest of the makeup look was pared-down, with only clear Baby Lips balm being applied to lips. The simplicity of the makeup, the prioritization of one sole element, not only made it striking but also infused a spontaneity into the look.

The hair look, designed by Odile Gilbert for Kenra Professional, also integrated tribal elements while conveying a cosmopolitan edge. Models’ tresses were straightened using a flat-iron then slicked back into a low ponytail. To keep strands in place and create an almost wet-looking slickness, Odile and her team used the Kenra Professional Texturizing Taffy 13, smoothing it onto hair in order to keep strands close to the scalp and tame any fly-aways. Once the hair was gathered at the nape, Odile twisted it upward, creating an open loop. She then secured the loop with a special Suno-designed barrette featuring a black upper half and white lower half, the two shades divided by a zig-zagging line along the center. The ends of the hair, meanwhile, were left free, pointing upwards and fanning out like rooster crests or elaborate feather headdresses. These loose strands along the top of the upward-facing loops made the otherwise controlled and precise hairstyle feel like an impromptu job, the type of quick fix girls rely on when on the go (like, say, putting your hair in a ponytail) but a considerably more stylish one!



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