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Messy Lashes And Electric Orchid Lips At The Heart Of The Preppy Punk Makeup Look At Nanette Lepore Fall 2015



Think of Gossip Girl‘s Jenny Humphrey in Season 3, when she rose to Queen Bee status at Constance, then began attempting to erase all traces of her “humble” Brooklyn past and reinvent herself as a snooty Upper East Sider (note: that loft was about 18 times the size of a “humble” apartment in any outer New York City borough!), leading to a seemingly endless stint of brat-like behavior: dating drug dealer Damian and actually helping him sell product, attempting to sabotage Nate and Serena’s relationship by weaving tales of infidelity, and basically plunging down a path to self-destruction. If you remember, Little J’s makeup got darker and more ominous as the season progressed, her black liner becoming heavier, her mascara thicker and clumpier, and her lipstick color varying from dark plums to vampiric oxblood reds. Now, check out the makeup look created for the Nanette Lepore Fall 2015 show — does it remind you of a certain TV bad seed? If it does, then the Maybelline team’s mission was accomplished since they aimed to create the illusion of a posh but rebellious school girl.

Makeup artist Grace Lee spearheaded the Maybelline team backstage and designed the curious look, which was meant to show a push-and-pull between chaos and control, entropy and order.

To create the look, Lee commenced by giving the models’ complexion a hint of lightweight coverage, applying the Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation and then using the Dream Wonder Lumi Highlighting Concealer only as needed. Bronzer and blush was noticeably absent and the only “contouring” done involved applying a dab of the Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Quenched to cheekbones to give them a slightly glossy sheen.

Moving on to the eye area, brows were groomed using the Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Drama in Transparent, giving arches a slightly more manicured look without the brow lines being too dark or defined. Lids were free of eyeshadow or liner, thereby making the focus of the look the clumpy and messy lashes, which were meant to evoke the idea of a schoolgirl applying mascara for the first time and overindulging in the product. To achieve the desired effect, Lee applied several coats of the Colossal Chaotic Mascara (available June 2015) to both the upper and lower lashes, allowing the pigment to look pebbly and uneven, and letting lashes stick together in certain places for a spidery effect.

To complete the edgy look, Lee then applied the Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bloom lipstick in Orchid Ecstasy to models’ pouts, using a lip brush for a more even and precise application. The highly pigmented electric violet lip color added a youthful and lively energy to the look, mirroring the boldness achieved by the messy lashes but adding a femininity that elevated the look from being overly grunge-y.

You know you love it. XOXO.

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