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Negative Space Chevron Nails At KAELEN Fall 2015 Show





Back in September, I reported that one of the most dominant beauty trends for Spring 2015 would be “negative space nail looks,” in which¬†a section of each nail is left bare or open, making any color or nail art details stand out all the more by virtue of the stark contrast. Well, the trend will apparently linger all through the year as evident by, among others, the KAELEN Fall 2015 show, where Gina Edwards, lead stylist for KISS Products, designed a negative space chevron nail look.

Inspired by the colors and patterns within the fashion collection, Edwards envisioned a muted and understated yet youthful look that would juxtapose chevron stripes in a fleshy mauve tone against completely bare nails. Since intricate nail looks tend to require more time to execute, it’s extremely common for manicurists to use press-on nails during fashion shows, creating any designs and adding any embellishments prior to the backstage call time (typically a day or more earlier) so that, once models arrive, the nail artists simply have to apply these pre-finished artificial nails to models’ hands in order for the latter to be runway ready. Gina Edwards wisely took this approach for the KAELEN 2015 show, and she relied on KISS 100-Count Nails in Active Oval and KISS Design Perfection to obtain the desired look.

First, using the KISS 100-Count Nail Covers in Active Oval, Edwards filed each nail into an almond shape. Next, she applied two KISS Design Perfection chevron stickers to each nail, placing them in a downward direction, so that the apex of each triangular line pointed towards the nail tips and not the cuticles. These chevron stickers were perfectly positioned so that they were evenly spaced out and lined up in the most symmetrical manner.

Once the stickers were in place, Edwards brushed a mauve nail lacquer over each nail, covering the entire surface (the color was a custom-blended polish). Once the polish was dry, Edwards then peeled off the KISS Design Perfection stickers, revealing the bare and polish-free nail area beneath them. To give the look a glossy finish, she then added a clear top coat (I’d suggest Seche Vite since it’s amazing!).

It’s a simple look and yet one we can all try at home (thanks to KISS Nails!). Stay tuned for more fashion and beauty coverage from New York Fashion Week!


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