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State of Spray — Dove Introduces New Dry Spray Antiperspirant


Apparently, even deodorant trends are cyclical. Back in the 1960s, aerosol deodorants dethroned roll-on styles, gaining favor due to their quick-drying nature and the ease of their use, only to eventually be overtaken by creamier, more moisturizing deodorant sticks in the ’70s and ’80s. Though roll-on and stick deodorants have retained their respective devotees, spray-on varieties fell out of favor in the late ’80s when scientists discovered the environmental danger caused by the chemical propellants commonly used in these aerosol formulas (according to the EPA, the ozone won’t recover from the damage caused by chlorofluorocarbons until 2050) and demanded immediate action be taken by international lawmakers. As a result of these findings, 46 countries signed the Montreal Protocol in 1987, vying to regulate and eventually ban the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in hairsprays, refrigeration systems, and deodorant sprays in order to help humanity avoid premature extinction.

Though they knew these regulations were necessary, spray-on deodorant lovers lamented the absence of their favorite odor-reducing products, waiting for companies to find newer and more environmentally responsible propellants. One of the most commonly used substitutes for CFCs are HFCs (or hydrofluorocarbons), which are generally considered more eco-friendly. Now that a growing number of companies has come to rely on HFCs, spray-on deodorants are experiencing a resurgence in popularity — which is why it’s no surprise that Dove recently introduced its Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant line ($5.49 at mass, food, and drug retailers nationwide). The line consists of six 3.8 oz. spray-on deodorants, each featuring its own signature scent: Nourished Beauty, which features a floral, powdery aroma with hints of rose and jasmine; Beauty Finish, which contains watery floral notes along with sandalwood and amber musk; Cool Essentials, a mixture of cucumber and green tea scents; Revive, a zesty and fruity scent with pomegranate and lemon verbena notes; Skin Renew, which features light floral notes of violet, lilac, and rose, alongside vanilla musk; and Sensitive, an unscented, hypo-allergenic formula.

Each Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant contains a 20% concentration of aluminum chlorohydrate, about 5% more than the 15.2% aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex found in the Dove Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. Does this mean the Dry Spray is better equipped to prevent underarm wetness? Well, not necessarily. Both rely on slightly different aluminum-based compounds that block sweat glands, thereby preventing this moisture from rising to the skin’s surface, and both offer considerable protection (Dove claims 48 hours but, since I’m not one to ever risk smelly pits , I’d advise daily use or twice daily use if you exercise and shower thereafter). Moreover, both products rely on Dove’s 1/4 Moisturizing Technology, so that each hydrating ingredients  like sunflower seed oil account for 25% of their respective formulas. The difference between these products, then, lies primarily in their form, making any debate one that boils down to a solid-versus-spray argument and hence pivots largely on each customer’s individual preferences.

That said, there are some factors to consider when applying the Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant. First, if you’re an environmentalist, it’s worth noting that, while hydrofluorocarbons are considered safer than CFCs, they’re by no means risk-free. In fact, HFCS are greenhouse gases and can contribute to global warming, and they do contain chlorine, which can attack the ozone (thought most scientists believe the hydrogen molecules help to dissolve this chlorine before it can reach the atmosphere). Bottom line: on an environmental level, deodorant sticks are way more advisable. Second, as with most spray-on formulas, the Dove Dry Spray is highly flammable so you’ll want to hold off on spritzing near any sources of heat or fire. Third, its scent can be quite overwhelming. Even if you press down on the atomizer ever so lightly, spritzing your underarms while holding the can at the recommended 6″ distance, you might find yourself gasping for air and coughing when that mist hits the air.

The below GIF pretty much captures my reaction when I first spritzed on the Dove Dry Spray in Cool Essentials:


It took a few minutes before I felt like I was breathing normally again! Also, the scent trail was entirely too aggressive — I felt like that hormonal teenaged boy who coats his entire body in Axe body spray thinking it will make him irresistible! Though the spray-on deodorant promised to leave me smelling like cucumber and green tea, it took about 40 minutes for me to feel like the scent had dissipated to the desired inconspicuous level. I mean, do you really want your deodorant to rival your perfume? No, thank you.

Granted, the Dove Dry Spray has the benefit of drying rather quickly and it won’t leave behind any white residue that could stain clothing, but I personally prefer the feel, smell, and protection offered by the Dove Advanced Care with NutriumMoisture line (these, along with the Dove ClearTone Sheer Touch line, are my favorite deodorants ever!) — even if it involves having to wait all of 10 seconds before getting dressed.

Still, if you’re a spray-on deodorant lover, it’s a line you’ll want to check out for yourself. Just make sure to crack a few windows open before spraying!

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