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I was recently approached by Kohl’s to experience their amazing online bra department (which you can visit here) and, using a gift card, shop therein, so I could try out the various bra styles and review my overall consumer experience — an opportunity I welcomed with more open and loving arms than the ones in Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.” Why so enthusiastically? Well, for many reasons! For one, I’ve been on a seemingly endless quest for the perfect black strapless bra (and, for that matter, its white counterpart). Second, I’ve realized that a lot of my lacy bras have almost no functional purpose since they’re plainly visible through any garment that’s even remotely body-conscious. And third, well, bras tend to be at the core of many of my fashion gripes. If you’ve followed me on Twitter over the years, you’ve likely read my complaints about the lack of unpadded bras, underwires that pop out after two washes, straps that can’t be adjusted enough to fit a shot girl’s body, and so forth). Needless to say, the idea of trying on a wealth of bra styles from a reputable retailer without ever having to leave my house and enter a dreaded dressing room seemed absolutely heavenly. And here’s the best part: it really was a great experience!

First, Kohl’s makes shopping for bras a cinch. Once you’re in the bra department, you’re instantly greeted with handy visuals, starting with a greeting that allow women to immediately search the bra selection by their bra size  (as you can see below):


Ladies who don’t quite understand the subtle differences between different bra styles — for example, a balconette style versus a T-shirt style — can refer to a handy graphic that illustrates the classic silhouette of each bra type, providing an easy-to-follow visual reference. And, of course, there are hyperlinks directing users to the assortment of bras in each style depicted, making the process even more streamlined. Here’s the graphic you’ll find with all of the bra styles:


Next, the bra department offers women clear tips on how to discover their real bra size. As some of you may know, a staggering 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. This mistake (which anyone can make!) can lead to a variety of problems — from physical pain (a band that digs into your skin, for instance, can prove vexing and uncomfortable) to a lack of proper support (which, in turn, could mean that in time you could develop droopy bosoms or suffer from back pain) and a range of aesthetic issues (the dreaded “double-boob” look when cups are two small, puckering material when cups are too large, bulging folds of flesh along the back when bands are too tight, and so forth).

To help women better determine their bra size, then, Kohl’s developed a bra measuring guide (check it out here), replete with a step-by-step video and written instructions. Basically, you’ll want to start by determining your band size with the help of some measuring tape, placing the tape flat against your rib cage, directly under your bust and wrapping it around your body, then rounding up to the nearest inch. To determine your cup size, you’ll repeat the process but, this time, you’ll be measuring the fullest part of your bust. The key here is to make sure the measuring tape is level against your skin, that you’re not pressing too hard against your bosom and that you’re positioning the tool precisely where indicated. I used the tool and got a 36C which happens to be the bra size I’ve been wearing for many years now (thankfully, it appears that I hadn’t chosen the wrong bra size after all!).

Here’s a glimpse of what the bra size guide looks like:


Pretty neat, right?

I’d suggest that, before shopping, you watch the video and double-check your measurements since our bust sizes do change over time due to a number of reasons including weight fluctuations, pregnancy, age, and so forth.

Once you’ve determined your bra size, you can shop away! Kohl’s has a rather impressive selection of brands — from Maidenform and Warner’s to Bali (one of my personal favorites), Simply Vera Vera Wang (available exclusively at Kohl’s), Lily of France, Vanity Fair, Olga, and more — so there are quite a few options available and some brands even offer styles with up to an N cup size (which I didn’t even know existed!).

During my bra shopping spree, I focused primarily on bras that would create a seamless look under clothing — and, boy, did I find some great options! One of my absolute favorites is the Simply Vera Vera Wang Shimmering Comfort Soft-Cup Full Coverage Unlined Bra in Dune Ivory ($32 at Kohls.com), shown all the way at the top of the post, which features soft unlined cups that don’t create unnecessary bulk but that do deliver that smooth appearance I coveted. The lace trim makes the bra feel sexy, but it doesn’t protrude through clothing as opposed to many all-lace options.

Another favorite is the Bali Passion for Comfort Indulgence Back-Smoothing Bra 3514 ($40 at Kohls.com), shown below:bali-passion-for-comfort-back-smoothing-bra

This bra’s fabric is so soft, it feels like your breasts are being cradled in a pillow! But, again, there’s no unnecessary bulk (this is a big consideration for me since I’m perfectly happy with my cup size and don’t really gravitate towards bras that make me look more busty) and the seamless fabrication lets the bra be completely inconspicuous under clothing. Another amazing quality: this bra features back-smoothing wins so that the elastic along the back is also invisible through apparel.

Now, the next seamless bra is a total game-changer: the Warner’s No Side Effects Underarm Smoothing Wire-Free Bra ($40 at Kohls.com).  Check it out here:


Now, this is a full-coverage bra, so it won’t look dainty when you first lay eyes on it but trust me: you will look like a buxom goddess in your favorite dress when you wear this number! I literally JUST wore this bra in a Mint Green color during a TV appearance and I felt so confident! I didn’t have to fuss over my bra, pulling at the straps, tugging at the underwire, or adjusting compulsively before we went live because I could look down and sense everything was in its proper place. What’s so novel about this bra? Well, its sides and back are completely elastic-free and there are no pesky wires, and yet it manages to deliver incredible lift and support. But here’s the kicker, the extra side panels effectively eliminate any underarm bulge, so that you don’t get that extra bit of skin hanging over the sides of your bra and making you fret that you look flabby (we all have a bit of skin there, ladies!). The foam cups, meanwhile, are lightly padded to create a natural contour that isn’t over-the-top but, rather, softens the natural look of your bust. Also, the shoulder straps adjust enough to provide the perfect amount of lift for those of us in the 5’0″ committee!

Looking for a bra that’s seamless but also sexy enough  to titillate during an impromptu striptease for your boyfriend or hubby? Then check out the Simply Vera Vera Wang Lace Microfiber Demi Bra ($32 at Kohls.com). Here’s what it looks like:


This ravishing number also features seamless cups but they have a slightly lower cut that makes them feel a bit more youthful and sexy, a vibe that’s augmented by the sultry-looking lace wings. And, while this style does have an underwire, it doesn’t pinch or hurt, but feels remarkably comfortable while offering that extra bit of support.

Moving on, I decided it was high time I invested in a push-up bra. After all, gravity is no woman’s friend and I’m sure that, in a few years, I’ll be reminiscing about the good ol’ days when my golden globes were perky and high. So hey, you have to flaunt the gals once in a while right? Next time I wear a low-cut shirt, then, I’m going to try out the Maidenform Custom Lift-Up Push-Up Bra 9729 ($38 at Kohls.com), which comes in fun patterns like this one with zebra stripes and splatter motifs:


The bra has a pretty deep cut, making it perfect for scoop-neck T-shirts and blouses ,and the cups are low-cut enough to be discreet (so you can act like your breasts are naturally high-as-can-be!).

As for my quest for the perfect strapless bras, I think I may finally have found my once elusive destination! After much deliberation, I found two strapless bras that I really adored. The first is the Lily of France Gel Touch Strapless Bra 2111121 ($36 at Kohls.com), shown below:


This style strikes the perfect balance between minimalism and ornamentation, so that the front panels are completely smooth (hence ensuring the bra won’t protrude through your ensemble) but the bustline boasts a delicate picot trim that will make you feel sexy and feminine. Though it is more padded than I had expected, I was pleased with how my chest looked under clothing.

Next is my true strapless bra favorite: the Warner’s This Is Not A Bra Full-Coverage Strapless Convertible Bra 1693 ($40 at Kohls.com).


While I wouldn’t wear this with dresses or tops featuring a deep neckline (for obvious reasons given that the bra would be plainly visible!), it works for most strapless frocks with halter or sweetheart necklines. The cups are lightly padded but, again, completely seamless and, while the bra includes an underwire to provide support and shape (a necessary element when it comes to strapless bras), the underwire is encased in a soft satin so that it doesn’t dig into the skin. Also — and this is key — the inside of the bra features a non-slip silicone lining that ensures the undergarment remains in place throughout the day. As someone who has undergone the awful experience of strapless bras riding down, often winding up completely below the breast area, I always insist on strapless bras that have this stay-in-place assurance. With this number, I don’t have to worry about pulling my strapless bra up all day long — which, aside from being a pain, is also completely unladylike! 

Added bonus: the bra comes with clear straps that allow you to convert it into a halter, criss-cross, or standard bra style.

These are just some of my personal favorites within the Kohl’s bra department, but you can also find anything from minimizing bras to sports bras, bustiers, and much more!


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Well, that’s it! Good luck! Start picking out your favorite bras and make sure to tweet away!








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