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Finding Felicity with New Zoya Delight Spring 2015 Nail Lacquer Collection


Friday, March 20th marks the first day of spring, so there’s no better time than the present to get into a celebratory mood — down to your fingertips. The Zoya Delight Spring 2015 nail lacquer collection captures the buoyancy and cheer of the season with power pastels in both creamy and satin finishes. The colors nod to floral blossoms, Easter egg baskets, songbird plumage, rain showers, frosted sugar cookies and macaroons: from Daisy, a sunny yellow reminiscent of lemon meringue pie filling or the baby chicks in Easter illustrations, to Tiana, a light mint green with a creamy texture and a slightly retro charm.

Below, check out photos of all six nail lacquers (available for $9 each at Zoya.com)!




Like zesty, sweet but slightly tart lemon meringue, this color feels ebullient and effortlessly perky. The metallic finish, meanwhile, helps to give the color a hint of playful shimmer that might remind you of the sugar granules atop a traditional Peeps marshmallow candy. And, since Zoya always incorporates an unexpected twist, there’s a hint of turquoise flash to give the shade a cooler tone.




This blue-based, medium-intensity pink nods to the fragrant and show petals of such spring-blooming flowers as tulips, crabapple blossoms, and “Pink discovery” azaleas. The color is cooler than the traditional warm-toned honeysuckle pink, but they share the same intensity and femininity. Two coats allow you to achieve complete opacity, and the finish is creamy and sophisticated.




This dewy, shimmering light blue features magical turquoise metallic flash so that, when brushed onto fingernails, the shade looks like that of Cinderella’s famous dress. The shade  might remind you of raw aquamarine stones, layers of light blue tulle, or mermaid tails. Basically, it’s a girly fantasy in a bottle!




Like mint chocolate chip ice cram, this creamy light green shade feels sweet and refreshing. The whitened nature of the pale green lends it a milkiness that, in turn, conveys a retro 1950s vibe, making it perfect for any prim looks that nod to that era.




This light lavender shade, with its turquoise flash shimmer, feels as magical as rainbows and unicorns. It’s got the edge of Nicole Richie’s lavender hair (which is now dyed pink), but this color is a bit sweeter and daintier since it tends to gravitate towards the pink-y, lilac realm rather than having a moody decidedly purple base.  The turquoise shimmer, meanwhile, adds that dewy finish that makes the shade feel fresh and new.




If there’s one shade in the collection that just screams “Easter!,” it would be Lillian, a creamy, whitened Robin egg blue with a glossy finish. It reminds me of the blue Jordan almonds they sometimes give out as party favors during spring weddings but, in nail lacquer form, it’s way tastier!

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