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Like A Tattoo — Flex Your Pout Power With New Rimmel London Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Color



Ever worn a bright red lipstick and had your boyfriend (or husband, lover, spring fling, girlfriend, wife, etc.) lean in for a kiss, then inch closer apprehensively, as if  in slow motion, his lips barely touching yours out of fear of having that intense pigment transfer onto his own pout? I know I have — and I can’t quite blame my hubby for wanting to avoid a Tootsie moment! That’s why, in addition to finding robust, full-bodied, electrifying lipstick colors that last for hours at a time, I also seek transfer-resistant options, all the while taking into consideration my need for a demure finish, full opacity, and a moisturizing formula. Thus far, I’ve found a handful of options that fit all of this criteria — mainly the Hourglass Cosmetics Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick, the Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge, the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, and the OCC Makeup Lip Tar. Now, I have a new bargain-priced option to add to the list: the Rimmel London Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Color ($6.99 at drugstores and mass retailers).

Like the Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge, each Provocalips tube features a double-ended design, with one half filled with liquid lipstick and the other with a balm that locks the color in place and bestows an even sheen upon it. In order for the color to truly last, then, you’ll first want to smooth on the liquid lip color using the sponge-tipped applicator wand (which you can see in the second photo above), tracing the contours of your mouth and filling them in. Once the color dries a bit (I’d suggest waiting at least 45-60 seconds), you’ll need to roll the balm-covered applicator wand (located on the opposite side of the tube) atop your lips. It’s essential to wait before moving onto Step 2 since, if you apply the balm too prematurely, it can smear the liquid lip color and make it appear patchy (especially if it’s a deeper shade). If you take a beat between Step 1 and Step 2, however, your lip color will remain vibrant and lustrous all day long.

Now, the balm isn’t particularly moisturizing, but it does make the liquid lipstick feel a bit more comfortable and it provides enough hydration to keep your lips from peeling, cracking, or chapping. But, that said, if your lips were dry before you applied the liquid color, then the balm might not be enough to replenish lips. If that’s in fact the case, you’ll want to pat an intense moisturizer atop your pout prior to applying the liquid lip color.

The Rimmel London Provocalips 16HR Kissproof Lip Color comes in 10 shades ranging from nude to fiery red. I had the chance to try three come-hither colors: 230 Kiss Fatal, a grape-y mauve color with rose undertones; 310 Little Minx, a deep fuchsia shade; and 500 Kiss Me You Fool, a feisty, warm red.

Here are what the three liquid lip colors look like when first applied, before the balm is smoothed atop them:


Now, the colors in their original form (as shown above) really do look molten, which I personally find alluring, but they look creamier and more kissable once they’ve been sealed with the lip balm. In the photos below, you’ll find swatches of the three shades after they were coated with the lip balm. As you’ll hopefully see, the colors appear evenly distributed as opposed to in their original form, where they looked a bit more runny. They also boast a heftier, more substantial, creamier texture and a sumptuous sheen.



Lovely, right?

I’ve been incredibly impressed with these long-lasting lip colors since they truly perform as advertised. I’ve worn the Little Minx shade for 10-hour days and managed to drink coffee, water, eat lunch, gab on the phone, preside over meetings, and kiss my son on the cheek without my lip color fading (or, at least, without it fading until the last hour of my day or so).

And I can honestly say I’ve been able to kiss my husband without any of the color transferring onto his lips (needless to say, he, too, is a fan!).

One small caveat: when it’s time to wipe away the day, you’ll need a heavy-duty makeup remover to remove all traces of this lip color because it is downright stubborn! Still, that’s a small price to pay for a full day of kissable, bold, statement-making lips!

My only hope is that Rimmel London introduces a greater variety of shades since a few of them (not the ones shown here, of course) feel a bit too juvenile for my personal taste or simply don’t flatter my coloring. That said, if they manage to create the perfect long-lasting nude lipstick shade, it may just be my go-to for the coming summer months when I don’t want to worry about constantly touching up my makeup.

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