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Sponsored Post: P&G Launches #ArribayLejos Campaign To Ensure Laundry Room Safety For Our Niños



Disclosure: The following is a compensated and sponsored post developed in collaboration with Tide®, Gain®, and Latina Bloggers connect as part of the #ArribayLejos campaign meant to educate parents about laundry room safety.


If, like me and most other moms, you’re always tackling overflowing laundry baskets, then you’re likely up-to-date on the best and most effective detergents, stain removers, on-the-go spot removers, fabric softeners, and so forth. Nowadays, few detergent options are as effective and convenient as Tide Pods and Gain Flings, single-unit, multi-chamber packs filled with concentrated detergent and sealed in film packets designed to dissolve rapidly when in contact with water. These pod-like detergent packets eliminate the need to measure the proper amount of laundry detergent (as one would when pouring liquid detergent into its bottle cap), they eliminate any messiness (such as any liquid dripping onto countertops or hands, leaving you with sticky fingers), and they’re lightweight and portable, making life easier for moms who need to travel to laundromats to wash clothing. To use them, all you need to do is toss a pod inside the washing machine’s drum before adding any clothes. Since there’s no need to tear, cut, or rip the detergent pods open, they make washing a breeze!

 But, as with any household cleansers, these detergent pods are not meant to be played with — especially by curious children who could accidentally ingest the chemicals inside the pods (which are poisonous when consumed) or even squirt the liquid therein into their eyes (which can lead to irritation or temporary loss of vision). This Poison Prevention Week, then, I’ve teamed up with Tide and Gain to take part in their Arriba y Lejos campaign, designed to spread awareness about the need for laundry room safety and provide some tips on how to better childproof your laundry routine.

First, I’d say a good tip when child-proofing your home (and this goes for all cleaning supplies, medicines, and other potential hazardous substances) is to think about what would spark your curiosity if you were your child’s age. Remember: kids learn by exploring their environment and using all of their senses, so they’ll be compelled to touch, smell, and taste absolutely everything. So, when an object is bright and colorful (like detergent pods tend to be) and looks squishy, a child is all the more likely to be fascinated by it. When you try to see the world through your kids’ eyes, then, you’re more likely to understand why they might be extra curious about these packets and why you need to prepare accordingly by letting them know these are not toys and by keeping them “arriba y lejos” (far and away).

Here are a few helpful tips on how to make your laundry routine as safe as possible:

— When handling detergent pods, do so with dry hands only, then wash your hands immediately after use.. Otherwise, unbeknownst to you, there might be trace chemicals lingering on your skin and you could inadvertently expose your kids to these whenever you’re picking them up, feeding them a snack, caressing their faces, and so forth. If you’re going to a laundromat and no sink is in sight, bring a packet of antibacterial wipes with you so that you can remove any detergents in that manner.

— Never leave a detergent pod within the reach of a child. That means no pods sitting around in a laundry basket, in an open pouch atop the washing machine, or on a countertop. You may think it’s fine to leave an open packet atop the washing machine for a quick minute, while you take a bathroom break or run to answer the door, but kids are extraordinarily quick, so why take that risk? I know once my little man learned how to crawl, he was like a pint-sized version of The Flash! Resisting distractions and erring on the side of safety are always your best bets.

— As soon as you use a Tide Pod or Gain Fling , store the container away (whether it’s a resealable pouch or a larger tub-sized container) and make sure it’s out of your kid’s sight and reach. I’d suggest opting for an over-the-sink cabinet or tall closet shelf that is, in turn, secured by a safety latch or lock.

—  Never reinvent a detergent pod jug as a storage space for food (this isn’t a cookie jar, folks!).

— Try tackling the laundry while the kids are napping, thereby further minimizing the risk of them tinkering with laundry supplies.

— Always read the label!  To make sure parents are conscious of the potential hazards of children playing with these curious-looking packets, Proctor & Gamble has taken the proper safety measures, labeling Gain Flings and Tide Pods containers with prominently displayed “Caution,” “Warning,” “Poison” and “Danger” symbols and instructions, such as the one shown below:


Make sure to follow the instructions outlined with great care and observe the guidelines for proper disposal and storage of detergent pods.

— Program the Poison Control Center phone number into your mobile.  If, an accident should occur, make sure to act immediately. If, for instance, a child squirts detergent into his/her eye, immediately rinse the eye with water for 15 minutes and call your pediatrician or seek medical assistance. If skin or clothes are exposed to the detergent, make sure to give your child a bath and change his clothes immediately. Should a detergent pod be ingested, immediately give your child a glass of water of milk then contact the Poison Control Center at 1.800.222.1222 (I actually have the number saved on my mobile because, well, one never knows!).

For more info on these concentrated, multi-chamber detergent packets and their proper use and storage, follow @Tide and @GainLatino on Twitter.

Once you make safe laundry practices part of your regular routine, you’ll find you can keep enjoying the convenience granted by these detergent pods while also resting assured that you’re keeping your kids 100% safe. And a safe home is a happy home!




This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with Tide® and Gain® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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