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Your Lip Gloss Will Be Poppin’ With The New Covergirl Lip Lava Lipglosses!



I’m not standing by my locker (because, well, I’m a million years older than Lil’ Mama), but like her,  my lip gloss is poppin’!  Why? Because I’m rocking one of the new Covergirl Lip Lava Lipgloss  shades ($7.99 each at mass food and drug retailers). The “Lip Lava” name seems appropriate for these glosses because they are hot to death and erupting with concentrated color —I’d venture to say they’re more richly pigmented and shinier than any gloss you’re likely to find in your drugstore’s makeup aisle.

Typically, I much prefer lipstick to lip gloss for numerous reasons, not the least of which is that lipstick tends to make for a bolder pout and I’m rather fond of making dramatic lip statements. The Lip Lava glosses, however, do enable you to create a head-turning look because they don’t have that wimpy sheerness of a traditional gloss. Instead, they pack quite the color wallop, depositing an almost complete layer of opaque color on lips with a single swipe of the lip brush built into the wand applicator.

Texturally, the glosses are delightful — they don’t feel as rich, creamy, and arguably heavy as liquid or stick lipsticks, and they’re not so viscous as to feel goopy on lips, but they’re also not so fluid as to migrate on lips, creating an unseemly uneven distribution of pigment. Somehow, these glosses feel almost weightless on the pout, a sensation much more akin to a color balm than a standard gloss.

Also remarkable: these glosses won’t dry out your lips and they’re not irksomely sticky! One of my biggest gripes in regards to lip gloss is that, because most formulas are so sticky, any time the wind blows, clumps of hair wind up stuck to your lips and your gloss, in turn ends of streaked all over your cheeks and chin. The Covergirl Lip Lava glosses, however, don’t have that overly stick quality to them, so that there’s less of a possibility of a beauty faux pas ensuing. Besides, I personally hate feeling like my lips are somehow sealed together due to the sticky quality of my gloss; without that tackiness, the overall sensation is way more enjoyable.

Because of the color pay-off and the sheer intensity of these shades, it’s tempting to compare them to liquid lipsticks, but the truth is they have so many iridescent pearls that the final effect is decidedly lustrous and glassy. At the same time, the iridescent pearls give these colors a youthful and adventurous feel without being so glittery as to feel juvenile.

The Covergirl Lip Lava Lipgloss is available in 10 shades, of which I’ve tried four insanely gorgeous shades: 840 Ooh La Lava, a lavender-toned bubblegum pink; 850 Look It’s Lava, an electrifying magenta pink with violet undertones; 860 Lava-nder, a deep lavender purple that feels like it was plucked from an epic sci-fi film; and 870 Mauva Lava, a fiery ruby red with just a bit more of a warm tonality than that traditionally attributed to the precious  gemstone.

Check out swatches of all four shades below:



Aren’t the colors gorgeous?

As you can see, there is a degree of transparency to these shades, so that they don’t offer complete opacity, but they come close to it!

Lip glosses that are adventurous, saturated with pigment, lustrous, shiny, lightweight, hydrating, and non-sticky? Who can resist?

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