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Make An Impression With New FREYWILLE Hommage A Claude Monet Jewelry Collection





As a leader within the Impressionist movement, Claude Monet did more than capture the beauty of water lilies and poppy fields — he showed that great art didn’t have to consist of  hyperrealistic still life and portrait pieces, made with precise and deliberate brush strokes. He eschewed the confines of the traditional art studio to paint outside, in the midst of nature, and he focused on channeling his emotions through his work by painting rapidly, relying on visceral reactions and instincts instead of obsessing over small details. Monet’s paintings, then, focused on celebrating fleeting moments and accentuating vibrant colors and slithers of light. And while they may have been Impressionist paintings, they certainly created lasting impressions.

As a nod to Monet’s lasting legacy, FREYWILLE enlisted its jewelry designers to craft a collection inspired by the French maestro’s approach to painting.  Their hope was to use the same sources of inspiration as Claude Monet, the same plants, gardens, watery expanses, and colors, and try to capture the emotions he felt while admiring them, all the while using enamel in lieu of watercolors. But, of course, the baubles in the FREYWILLE Hommage à Claude Monet Collection don’t simply replicate Monet’s masterpieces, nor do they attempt to recreate exact scenes and moments. Instead, they focus on unique interpretations of Monet’s works and their own personal reactions to his primary sources of inspiration.

To that end, the Hommage à Claude Monet collection consists of  four sets of jewelry pieces, each containing bangle bracelets (like those pictured above), cigar bands, pendant necklaces, and even earrings and watches. The bangle bracelets are particularly stunning since each provides a wide enough canvas on which to immortalize each work of art.

Shown above are bracelets pertaining to each of the four sets within the collection. At top, there’s the Orangerie Bordered Bangle Diva ($1260 at Shop.Freywille.com), which is dedicated to Monet’s water lily paintings and captures the beauty of Giverny but uses brighter, more vivid, splashier fire enamel colors than those that typified Monet’s romantic works. Next, there’s the Honfleur Bordered Bangle Diva ($1260 at Shop.Freywille.com), which pays homage to the red, pink, orange, and yellow chrysanthemum blossoms that Monet painted in 1897. But, as you can see, the blossoms on this 24k gold-plated bangle feature elongated petals, their tendril-like outlines rimmed in a gold color to make the entire image feel like it was soaked in sunlight. Third, there’s the Iris W Bracelet Manchette Aphrodite ($1340 at Shop.Freywille.com), which commemorates the iris flowers Monet adored but in a unique Art Nouveau style. The argyle print backdrop behind the iris blossoms adds to the modern Rococo vibe of the piece. Last but not least, there’s the Giverny Bordered Bangle Diva ($1260 at Shop.Freywille.com), which aims to capture the  striking colors of the flora within Monet”s garden at Giverny while using the quick and kinetic brushstrokes associated with the Impressionist movement.

These FREYWILLE bangles honor Claude Monet’s artistic legacy while also constituting eternally wearable masterpieces that are original and fresh in their own right.



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