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The Naked Truth — Dare To Go Nude With The NARS Cosmetics Spring 2015 Makeup Collection


 NARS Cosmetics Founder and Creative Director François Nars describes the hues in his Spring 2015 makeup collection as “disrobed tones,” colors that celebrate the beauty of going au naturel without losing sight of the bravery necessary to bare it all. To that end, then, François Nars hoped to incorporate fleshy pink, caramel, peach, chestnut, and tawny hues — some shimmering and others sheer — that captured the essence of nudity but remained intrepid and fashion-forward. Rather than cower, reaching for a towel or sheet with which to conceal their beauty, these nudes are fearless exhibitionists who enjoy being noticed and desired.

The NARS Spring 2015 collection incorporates three eye colors: the Porto Venere Eye Paint ($25 at NARScosmetics.com), a creamy, whisper-light, soft pink shade; the Valhalla Single Eyeshadow ($25 at NARScosmetics.com), a shimmering pink peach; and the St-Paul-De-Vence Duo Eyeshadow ($35 at NARSCosmetics.com), which features a shimmering nectarine shadow alongside a roasted chestnut brown color. Three lip products are also featured therein: the Liguria Lipstick ($26 at NARScosmetics.com), a semi sheer nude caramel tone with a lustrous finish; the Guyanne Lip Gloss ($26 at NARScosmetics.com), a warm seashell pink with a vinyl-like shine; and the Vent Salé Lip Gloss ($26 at NARScosmetics.com), a clear gloss with a touch of silver. To complete the seven wonders of this NARS nude makeup act, the collection also includes the Reckless Blush ($30 at NARScosmetics.com), a sheer pink with plenty of shimmer.

If you want to experiment with the season’s fresh-faced trend, these products will allow you to do so without feeling like you’re settling on a boring , conformist, risk-free look.

I had the chance to try three of the products in the collection, so check out my thoughts on those below:




My favorite product in the collection, the NARS Porto Venere Eye Paint ($25 at NARScosmetics.com) is a cream eyeshadow that stays in place without flaking, creasing, drying up, or developing cracks and scale-like bits. When it dries on the lids, the color looks like a second skin, which makes it all the more beautiful — there’s literally a seamlessness between the flesh and the pigment applied atop it, as if the color were radiating from the skin itself. Unlike most cream colors, this one has an almost gel-like fluidity that makes it easy to sweep onto lids with a brush, dab with fingers, or blend with other shades. I actually love using my fingers when applying this color since I feel like it allows for the most natural finish. As for the color itself, it’s a semi-sheer, extra-soft pink with warm peachy undertones that feels almost bridal in its delicacy and innocence. The opal white micropearls sprinkled into the Eye Paint, meanwhile, add a veil-like shimmer to the product.

Check out swatches of this Eye Paint:



This delicious Porto Venere Eye Paint looks beautiful by itself on eyelids but also works wonderful as a base color, atop which to apply other cream or powder eyeshadows.



Sick of nude colors that lack depth and vivacity? Then check out the NARS Liguria Lipstick ($26 at NARScosmetics.com), a lustrous cream lip color with a nude caramel tone that’s warm and radiant. Just looking at the lipstick, you might be reminded of dulce de leche syrup or creamy caramel squares packaged in clear plastic wrappers. That said, this is the type of nude shade that won’t work on everyone — depending on your skin tone, the depth of that tone, and your specific undertones, this could be a flattering, head-turning color or it could be a complete mis-match. In my case, I hoped the color would look great on me, but it wound up making my skin appear yellowish, as if I’d developed a mild case of jaundice. Needless to say, this will not be my go-to nude lip color, but I do think it will work wonders on women with different coloring.

Here are a few swatches of the Liguria Lipstick





The best way to give a dewy, translucent, almost wet-looking finish? Sweep a muted rosy plush with plenty of believable shimmer atop cheeks. This, of course, is precisely the purpose of the NARS Cosmetics Reckless Blush ($30 at NARScosmetics.com), which boasts a sheer pink pearl color and is saturated with both metallic pink and clear pearl particles that make the skin shimmer coquettishly. This blush looks spectacular on the apples of the cheeks, making the entire complexion appear more luminous and youthful. But, if you prefer a blush with more of a matter finish, then try using the Reckless powder blush as a highlighter to accentuate arched brows, cheekbones, the ridge of the nose, or the cupid’s bow.

Here are some swatches of the Reckless Blush, which I think is absolutely magical!



Stunning, right?

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