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La Boheme — Glisten all Summer with Pieces fom the Ale by Alessandra Jewelry Collection for BaubleBar











There’s a beautiful photo on my vision board of Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio wearing a printed dress and knee-high gladiator sandals while standing on the wooden planks in front of a wooden beach house, her two children perched atop a windowsill directly behind her,  each of her hands holding one of her children’s hands protectively. Captured by Patrick Demarchelier for Glamour magazine’s March 2015 “Wild Things” spread, the photo captures the love between a mother and her children, the innocence of youth, and the joy of embracing nature in your everyday life. Everything about the photo is magical: the way the kids’ hair bounce n the wind, the way Alessandra  seems to be pulling her children closer to her; the way the leaves from a nearby tree frame the photo. It also perfectly pinpoints Alessandra’s beachy Bohemian aesthetic and places it within an authentic context that doesn’t feel forced or dictated by an army of stylists and photo editors.

It’s precisely this free-spirited energy that jewelry brand BaubleBar embraced when it asked Alessandra Ambrosio to serve as a “guest bartender,” designing a limited-edition collection of pieces that reflect her own aesthetic. The Ale by Alessandra jewelry collection, then, incorporates plenty of turquoise stones, whimsical tassels, fringe details, colorful beads, neon accents, and delicate stackable pieces with star, moon, leaf, feather, and horn motifs.

The statement necklaces, most of which incorporate organic stones, serve as the highlight of the collection. The Ale by Alessandra for BaubleBar Alessandra Tassel Bib Necklace ($68 at Baublebar.com), shown above at top, fuses together the edginess of chunky antique silver chains with the natural beauty of turquoise stones, the playfulness of fringe (accomplished via clusters of metallic flecks), and the electrifying energy of neon yellow accent stones. Measuring 16″ in length, the bib necklace feels bold but still manages to maintain a certain laid-back feel thanks to the more whimsical elements of the design. Another stunner, the Ale by Alessandra for BaubleBar Turquoise Capri Amulet Necklace ($68 at BaubleBar.com), pictured fourth from top, features more of a “V” shaped silhouette, with a horn-shaped pendant dangling from the lowermost point. The necklace is comprised of interlinked antique silver metal stations, each nestling a domed and oval-shaped turquoise stone in its center for a look that’s reminiscent of bolo ties. Each metal station, then, looks a bit like a butterfly (or, at least, a butterfly as interpreted in, say, a concho belt) or, perhaps, like a bonbon packaged inside a classic wrapper with twisted ends in a fan-like shape. The pendant, meanwhile, is heavily ornamented with turquoise stones for a major wow factor. Those who prefer more rounded silhouettes, meanwhile, can snatch up the Ale by Alessandra for BaubleBar Turquoise Naiad Bib ($68 at Baublebar.com), pictured fifth above, which features rows of antique silver chains alongside strands accented by pebble-like hematite stones or by almond-shaped smoky glass crystals, with glistening turquoise gemstones positioned along the lowermost strand and elongated, drop-shaped hammered metal slithers dangling from this strand to create a fringe effect.

As mentioned, fringe and neon colors are among the common themes within the collection, which we see most clearly in the Ale by Alessandra for BaubleBar Cape Town  Bracelet Set ($68 at Baublebar.com), shown second from top, which includes five beaded bracelets, each finished with a cheeky thread tassel in a punchy color like neon pink or neon yellow. The elastic bracelets feature plated base metal charms alongside different beads — in some cases, thin, flattened, disc-like beads and, in others, round and glossy beads —arranged in interesting color patterns for maximum effect. For a single bracelet that packs a punch, try the Ale by Alessandra for BaubleBar Festival Tassel Bracelet ($34 at Baublebar.com), pictured sixth above, which is comprised of a gold-toned chain with rainbow-colored threaded tassels dangling along its length.

For a touch of neon, try the Ale by Alessandra for BaubleBar Neon Slim Bow Drops (at Baublebar.com), threader earrings made of 14k gold-plated metal and coated in bright enamel along the front. Measuring 3.3″ in length, the earrings simply slip through the pierced ear and dangle playfully so that, when the light hits the front surface, the neon finish dazzles.

More delicate, regal, Bohemian goddess-worthy pieces include the Ale by Alessandra for BaubleBar Draco Ear Crawlers ($34 at Baublebar.com), shown seventh above, a 1.5″-length crawler piece resembling a celestial constellation that traces the contour of the ear delicately;  the Ale by Alessandra for Baublebar Ice Feather Y-Chain $38 at Baublebar.com), a Penny Lane-worthy, Y-shaped, gold-tone necklace measuring 25.6″ in length, with a 6″ drop punctuated by a feather charm accented with pavé-set crystals; and the Ale by Alessandra for BaubleBar Fishtail Chain Ring ($48 at Baublebar.com), pictured next to last, which features two slim bands connected by a 2″-long fishtail chain with pavé-set crystals.

Beachy, joyful, earthy, and free-spirited, the Ale by Alessandra collection for BaubleBar captures the Bohemian aesthetic – and, moreover,t he lifestyle — that Alessandra Ambrosio seems to so eagerly embrace.

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