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On A Roll– Why The Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Dry Roll-On Rich Body Oil Needs To Be In Your Summer Beach Bag!


Body oils can be the most exquisite moisturizers — especially when applied to slightly damp skin after a refreshing shower — but, no matter how effectively the ingredients penetrate the skin (and, some oils mimic the sebum better than others), you need to apply body oil sparingly, using moderation, if you want to avoid feeling greasy (after all, your skin is an organ and, as such, it can only absorb but so much before becoming saturated). The problem, of course, is that many women have the tendency to apply an excessive amount of oil and then wind up reaching for a towel to blot off that surplus product. I think part of the issue lies in our collective tendency towards excess, our penchant for super-sized everything. Just like many Americans have no real concept of what 1/3 of a cup or 1/2 a cup looks like, many can’t comprehend how much constitutes a “dollop” or other vague descriptors. Fortunately, the Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Dry Roll-On Rich Body Oil ($18 at Ulta.com) eliminates the need for guesswork since the rollerball applicator dispenses only the necessary amount of product. You no longer have to pour the oil out of the tube, rub it in between your palms, warm it up nicely and massage it onto skin. Now, you can just roll the oil directly onto skin and either let it air dry (if you’re tackling a small area like elbows) or rub it evenly over the area (in the case of thighs, arms, hips, and so on). The whole process is way more convenient and streamlined — not to mention time-saving and efficient.

The roll-on applicator also makes this body oil perfect for your summer travels. First, the risk of the oil spilling in your handbag or beach tote is virtually non-existent. Second, the rollerball makes it a breeze to hydrate skin while on the go.

As for the oil itself, it smells absolutely delectable, perfectly capturing the Tuscan Blood Orange scent with which we’ve become familiar through such prior Pacifica offerings as the Spray Perfume, Roll-On Perfume, Body Butter, Hand Cream, Body Wash, and Hand & Body Lotion Wipes.  If you haven’t yet experienced the aroma (and you should remedy that stat!), it has a mouth-watering, juicy, slightly spicy blood orange heart that’s surrounded by subtle raspberry and strawberry notes for a sweet-but-tangy kick and completed with a squeeze of mandarin and Italian Sweet orange. And, of course, the fragrance is the result of a clever mixture of natural and essential oils, rather than being an artificial perfume.

As with all Pacifica products, this body oil is 100% vegan and is formulated without any mineral oils, parabens, phtalates, petroleum, propylene glycol, gluten, or any other possible irritants and/or allergens. It’s formulated with a clever mix of emollient, fortifying, hydrating, radiance-boosting oils – among them: sunflower seed oil, which contains more vitamin E than any other vegetable oil, making it excellent for protecting the skin from UV rays; safflower seed oil, which is rich in linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that moisturizes, softens, and soothes the skin while helping it preserve its elasticity; grape seed oil, which boasts both anti-aging and moisturizing properties; chamomile oil, which soothes any topical inflammation; marigold oil, another healing botanical extract that has long been used to treat wounds and skin ulcerations; jojoba oil, an excellent skin conditioner which has a molecular structure that mimics that of the sebum, thereby allowing it to be readily absorbed by skin; and monoi oil, which is created by steeping tiare flowers (a type of gardenia indigenous to French Polynesia) in coconut oil, and which combines the anti-inflammatory properties of the methyl salicylate in the blossoms with the moisturizing and restorative properties of coconut oil (which is known to strengthen the skin’s lipid barrier) for a final product that makes skin supple and radiant.

The Tuscan blood Orange Dry Roll-On Rich Body Oil is absorbed within 1-2 minutes after application and it leaves skin glowing and feeling comfortable and silky soft. And, of course, it swathes your body in a perky citric scent that will make you feel like a ray of sunshine.

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