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Celebrate the Mysteries of Modern Femininity with the New Clinique Aromatics in White Fragrance


Though some dismiss white as a boring hue, it is arguably the most complex — after all, white light contains all the colors in the visible spectrum while white objects reflect all wavelengths of light. This year, white has surpassed black as the go-to hue in awards show red carpet fashion — think of Kate Hudson’s Versace moment at the Golden Globe Awards, Reese Witherspoon’s custom Armani gown at the SAG Awards, and  the now iconic pearl gown Lupita Nyong’o donned to the Oscars. Similarly, the LWD (little white dress) is becoming as common in style lexicon as the LBD. It’s no surprise, then, that Clinique sought to capture the complexity and refinement of white through its newest fragrance, Clinique Aromatics in White EDP ($58 at Saks Fifth Avenue or SaksFifthAvenue.com).

It’s tempting to describe Aromatics in White as the opposite of Clinique’s cult favorite scent, Happy — after all, whereas the latter is distinguished by citrus notes like ruby red grapefruit mixed with fresh florals, the former has a more serious vibe that explores themes of seduction, mystery, and elusiveness thanks to the interplay of woody, amber, and soft floral notes. But Clinique’s Aromantic in White EDP is far from a somber scent, as one might assume from any dissociations with the Happy scent. If anything, this fragrance feels even more chic than its predecessor — perhaps in part due to the way in which it unfolds, the many facets and nuances of the aromatic composition.

Clinique Aromatics in White opens with a spicy kick thanks to top notes of Sichuan pepper (also known as Chinese coriander) and the leathery and amber-tinged aroma of Cistus flower, as well as the fresh and green aroma of violet leaf accord. This blend of exotic and intrinsically mysterious top notes both awakens the senses and piques the interest, making you await the next stage in the fragrance’s development (so to speak) with bated breath. The distinctly floral heart, meanwhile, deftly combines blossoms and herbs with different textures, aromas, and personalities, adding to the beguiling nature of the aromatic composition. These middle notes include: soft, aqueous, soothing rose water; sweet, sunny, and uplifting orange flower; and earthy, musky, herbal patchouli. These three floral notes play incredibly well together, creating a floral bouquet that’s sometimes discreet and timid, other times buoyant and coquettish, and other times free-spirited and unpredictable. The base notes, meanwhile, solidify the sense of confidence projected by the aroma via a seductive, carnal, sensual combination of amber gris, skin musk, and powdery benzoin notes.

In some ways, the scent is reminiscent of Tom Ford’s White Patchouli which, coincidentally, is also packaged in a white bottle with gold touches. Both fragrances feature patchouli, amber, rose, and coriander notes, but there’s a difference in the moods that each scent evokes. The Tom Ford White Patchouli EDP deliberately epitomizes modern Bohemian romanticism, forcing those who scoffed at patchouli as a vestige of hippie-dippy culture to reconsider their stance and consider a more sophisticated take on the scent. The Clinique Aromatics in White scent, meanwhile, isn’t as steeped in any one particular generation, faction, time period, or sensibility. The sheer difference between the three floral notes at the fragrance’s heart speaks to its complexity and, moreover, to its universal appeal.

Women are fascinating creatures who are anything but one-dimensional, and that’s precisely what Clinique’s Aromatics in White captures, simultaneously conveying confidence, boldness, femininity, optimism, mystery, sensuality, and elegance. Those who experience the scent, then, are left with the desire to learn more about the intriguing creature wearing this tantalizingly complex aroma.

Much like white light incorporates a mixture of colors within the visible light spectrum, the Clinique Aromatics in White fragrance features a mixture of notes that boldly reflects the many nuances of a woman’s personality.

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