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For Bradley Carbone x The World’s Best Ever Summer 2015 Beach Towel Designs



forbradleycarbone-the-worlds-best-ever-michael-kagan-beach-towelBradley Carbone has some loyal and loving friends. In 2014, the former Complex editor and Adidas Originals Trend Marketing Manager suffered a severe spinal cord injury while snowboarding in Vermont that left him virtually paralyzed. The recovery that lies ahead is both tremendously difficult and incredibly costly, so Carbone’s friends and family have been rallying to find ways to raise funds for his medical care. A Plumfund page was established, allowing people to donate money for Carbone’s rehabilitation expenses, and more recently, the website ForBradleyCarbone.com was established as a way to raise funds by selling limited-edition merchandise, with the net proceeds being allotted to Carbone’s care. For Summer 2015, For Bradley Carbone joined forces with The World’s Best Ever and enlisted three urban artists to create limited-edition designs to be printed on beach towels. The resulting For Bradley Carbone x The World’s Best Ever collection, then, consists of three towels, each featuring a designs by Michael Kagan, Curtis Kulig, or Stephen “ESPO” Powers.

The towel designs are true to each artist’s signature aesthetic, with Kulig using his trademark “Love Me” phrase atop a sunny yellow backdrop resembling a happy face; ESPO’s “I Get Lost To Get Found” design featuring the legible lettering and retro sign-like quality of much of his mural work; and Kagan’s design constituting a reinterpretation of his astronaut-inspired oil painting “Mercury Gloves.”

Made of heavyweight woven jacquard and measuring 34 x 66 inches, each beach towel retails for $100 at ForBradleyCarbone.com. And, since people love “exclusive” merch, only 50 pieces of each design were created.

Sure, you could run to Target and score a beach towel for under $20, but it won’t have the artistic value, collectible quality, or philanthropic aspect of the towels pictured here. Wouldn’t you rather bask in the sunshine on a towel you know helped add a bit of sunshine to someone else’s life?

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