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New French Bull For Cheeky Disposable Tableware Collection Makes Summer Entertaining Hassle-Free







Everyone has a household chore they absolutely loathe — whether it’s scrubbing the bathtub, sweeping, doing laundry, mopping floors, dusting ceiling fans, or cleaning windows. For me, it’s doing the dishes. Since I don’t own a dishwasher, the task seems particularly odious — and, given that my pre-teen son has quite the voracious appetite, the moment that I bravely tackle one tower of plates and cups, another one magically surfaces in its stead. On incredibly busy days when deadlines loom, appointments and meetings are scheduled back-to-back, and there’s still meals to cook and homework to review, I must admit I’ve often resorted to using paper plates just so I could avoid the added hassle of scrubbing and rinsing our reusable ceramic cups and dishes. Luckily for me, the disposable tableware category is no longer limited to dull white paper plates with crinkled edges or solid colored plastic plates with glossy finishes. In fact, thanks to Cheeky, you can actually use disposable paper plates and plastic cups to liven up your dinner table — particularly during low-key get-togethers, cookouts, and picnics when the guest list might be longer than usual.

Most recently, Cheeky collaborated with interior design brand French Bull (known for the colorful prints it emblazons on tabletop items, phone cases, toasters, slippers, wall decals, serving trays and platters, storage containers, clip-on lamps, and more) on a limited-edition collection of paper and plastic tableware available exclusively at Target stores and on Target.com.  Not only are these offerings perfect for summer entertaining, they can help make a huge difference in terms of eradicating hunger — see, for every French Bull for Cheeky item purchased, Cheeky will donate a meal to  Feeding America.

By treating paper plates and plastic cups as blank canvases, French Bull and Cheeky transform disposable tableware offerings into artistic creations. Look, for instance, at the flirty 16 oz. French Bull for Cheeky Floral Hot Cup pictured above at top ($3.99 for a set of 10 at Target.com); the  groovy, ’70s-flavored, multi-colored French Bull for Cheeky 9″ Curve Plate ($3.99 for a 44-count pack at Target.com) shown next to last above; the French Bull for Cheeky 7″ Ring Plate ($3.99 for 58-count pack at Target.com), shown third above; and the 16 oz. French Bull for Cheeky Multi Dot Plastic Cup ($3.99 for 28-count pack at Target.com) pictured fourth above. 

All of the French Bull for Cheeky items are recyclable, making them an even more tempting alternative for your summer entertaining needs — from birthday parties to taco dinners, outdoor grilling parties, and more!



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